Paul Ray
Paul Ray

The Liberal Democrats have confirmed their candidate to contest the Lichfield seat at the General Election.

Paul Ray will once again represent the party when residents go to the polls on 4th July.

The member of Lichfield District Council and Lichfield City Council has fought the last three General Election campaigns for the Liberal Democrats, finishing third behind the Conservatives and Labour in 2019.

He said:

“As a country and a community here in Lichfield, Burntwood and the villages, we are desperate for a change of direction away from this Conservative Government.

“Our economy has been totally mismanaged, our environment has been damaged and our public services have been run into the ground. 

“As Liberal Democrats we believe in the importance of community, in building a prosperous economy that provides opportunity for all and in actively protecting our environment.

“We also stand for strong public services funded by a fair tax system and in our country being outward-looking on the international stage.

“We also deserve so much better than Michael Fabricant as our MP.

“I have long said that the General Election cannot come soon enough so that we can start rebuilding our country and public services.

“Today we start the campaign for a better country.”

Cllr Paul Ray

Sir Michael Fabricant has been confirmed as the Conservative candidate, while Richard Howard will be the Reform UK hopeful.

Labour are expected to announce their candidate in the coming days.

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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1 month ago

Lichfield needs unity against Fabricant, and sadly voting for Lib Dem here goes against the legitimate challenge that Labour provides.

1 month ago

If the Liberal Democrat truly desires change, the best course of action he could take is to encourage people to vote Labour. The Liberal Democrats have never placed better than third recently, and current polling has them a distant third on a little less than 8%. Lichfield is a two horse race. The Liberal Democrats will, of course, point to local election success where they secured 7 seats (and came 3rd) but as Sir John Curtice (amongst others) always points out, local elections and a general election are very different. A vote for the Lib Dem is a vote for no change in Lichfield.

1 month ago

All Cllr. Ray’s ego trip, third party candidature will do is to syphon off votes from the only candidate that represents a chance for a change for the better.

1 month ago

There’s me thinking that at 73 and now his friend Andy Street was no longer Mayor they’d both sail off into the Welsh sunset. Wishful thinking. Please people of Lichfield & District whoever you vote for don’t vote for him. Look at his history and the disgrace he has brought upon himself and our city, do you really want that to continue. It’s not just the country that needs a fresh start.

Paul Ray
1 month ago

Just responding to some of the comments.

The Lib Dems want a change of direction and to be rid of this dreadful Conservative government. The reality is that as the Lib Dem candidate I will be mainly attracting votes from disaffected Conservative voters, who are as sick of the incompetence, sleaze and lack of honesty as the rest of us. This will reduce the Conservative vote, which is what we all want.

Gurt Lewis
1 month ago

Always admire an optimistic man. Shame I have more chance of being king than anyone but the Tories have of representing Lichfield. Well I say shame, it’s middle class here for a reason.

1 month ago

@paul Ray – every vote that goes to you rather than to Labour, as the only realistic alternative, risks a continuation of the status quo. If you really believe that change is needed, don’t campaign, encourage all Lib Dems locally to vote Labour, and show that you are prepared to put country above party. The tactical vote is Labour in Lichfield and Burntwood. The seat isn’t even on the Lib Dems target list.

1 month ago

Regrettably another legacy candidate from previous elections from a party who have done little in the intervening period to try and earn our votes and have chosen their candidate at the last possible minute. The Lib Dems knew a general election was coming and did nothing to challenge Fabricant. Have to wait for Labour to announce their candidate but not holding out much hope there either and another lost opportunity to really challenge Fabricant and kick him out.

1 month ago

Funny how you are quick to respond on here Councillor when wanting votes but fail to comment when anyone challenges you on your failings as a LDC ward representative. Usual self interest and nothing about listening to residents or protection of green spaces.

Pullen the other one
1 month ago

People on here kidding themselves….if all the Lib Dem voters instead voted for Labour it would make zero difference. Conservatives will win Lichfield again at the GE. The gap is too big and Labour don’t do anywhere near enough locally to convince the local Tory life long voters to change their minds. They may reduce the majority but that’s the best they can hope for. Personally I don’t like Fabricant but I really don’t like Starmer or the local Labour Party and Libs Dem aren’t going to get my vote either. Reluctantly Sir Fab it is.

Mark Webster
1 month ago

Tactical Voting Could Swing the Vote in Lichfield
Election Maps UK has released the following polling data for Lichfield:

Conservative: 37.9%
Labour: 36.1%
Liberal Democrat: 7.0%
Green: 6.6%
Reform: 12.1%
A slight shift in voting behavior from Liberal Democrat and Green supporters could propel Labour ahead, potentially unseating Michael Fabricant.

Sensible Conservative voters might consider switching their support. Despite his diligent attendance and voting record in Parliament, Michael Fabricant’s contributions to the constituency have been minimal. His effectiveness will likely diminish further if he becomes part of a significantly reduced Conservative opposition drifting into a Trumpian wilderness.

1 month ago

Personally I don’t like Fabricant” but will vote for him anyway? 🥴

1 month ago

Mark ,Fabo the man who voted for polluting rivers

Stephen Sanders
1 month ago

This time it really is the only sensible thing to do, a tactical vote is the only choice.

North Lichfield Man.
1 month ago

Tory in disguise.

1 month ago

A vote for Ray and Fabi stays!

1 month ago

In one of the general elections more people in this constituency didn’t vote than voted for Fabricant. There is an enormous disconnect between people and politics so what the turnout will be this time who knows, but Fabricant is certainly not undefeatable.

1 month ago

I understand the desire of the Lib Dems to field a candidate, but the progressive left – and that includes the Greens – should be collaborating on getting the Tories out and not splitting the vote. Too much political selfishness going on and not enough thinking about the electorate. Plus ça change…

Ol defk hunt
1 month ago

It really is time to make voting compulsory not to use your vote should cost you money people died to get you you vote