Del Camino
Del Camino

The salsa band Del Camino played a set perfect for dancing when they played at Lichfield’s Jazz and Blues Festival.

With a line up of impressive musicians with inventive playing, their set ranged from songs from the salsa, meringue, balhata, reggaeton and Latin songbooks, while also providing space for All Night Long by Lionel Richie.

With a strong rhythm section of bass, congas, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and keyboards they put tight ensemble musical performances at the centre, as well as providing opportunities for all of the players to show what they could do.

Inventive solos and some fine stand-up bass provided much of the back beat, but all of the musicians were on form and playing to a full dance floor.

With spirited dancing it showed how jazz improvisation and a good beat can provide exciting musical events.

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