Dr Daryl Brown with some of the deer
Dr Daryl Brown with some of the deer

A specialist dyslexia school in Lichfield is taking sustainability to new heights by serving venison from their own deer herd as part of its meal menu for students.

Maple Hayes Hall Dyslexia School sits in a 200-acre estate which is home to a managed heard of 42 deer, including two stags and seven young males.

The venison is culled on site under a Food Standards Agency Licence, before being processed nearby.

Dr Daryl Brown, co-principal of the school, said:

“It’s a very sustainable way for us to feed pupils.

“When we heard Jeremy Clarkson call for the introduction of venison into schools and hospitals as a novel idea, we felt that we should offer ourselves as proof that this isn’t a fad, but can help to reduce the environmental damage caused by the estimated two million wild deer roaming the British countryside.”

Dr Daryl Brown

As well as sustainable food practices, the school said pupils were also able to learn first-hand about where their meals originate.

The field that feeds the deer at the front of the school is also the location for the extensive geothermal loops that give heat to the ground source heating system.

Dr Brown said:

“The solar panels and ground source heating probably saves around £4,500 yearly on fuel bills.

“But importantly for us, when we have a property from 1860 that is impossible to insulate to modern standards, we aren’t wasting precious resources to heat it, just utilising heat and electricity freely generated on our own site.”

Dr Daryl Brown

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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7 days ago

Be more environmentally responsible, change at least half the menu to whole food plant based.

7 days ago

2 million deer ruining the countryside, that’s rubbish humans are ruining the countryside

6 days ago

Killing and then eating the deer is justified by Dr Brown because “it can help to reduce the environmental damage caused by an estimated two million wild deer roaming the British countryside”. Whatever this conceived threat to our country is by these tree munching apocalyptic monsters is a drop in the ocean though to the environmental damage caused by humans in the name of greed, stupidity, war mongering, ignorance, vandalism and selfishness. Its pretty obvious which one out of the two species will eventually be the cause of the demise of the planet and over population of humans is the critical subject that is not being discussed enough by policy makers.

6 days ago

When you are taking advice from Clarkson, something is wrong Dr….

6 days ago

Meat and two veg is two thirds plant based already.