Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson

A General Election candidate says local businesses have been “let down” by the Government in the past 14 years.

Labour’s Dave Robertson was speaking as campaigning continues ahead of the vote on 4th July.

He said the party had a “credible plan” to revitalise economic growth in areas such as Lichfield, Burntwood and the surrounding villages.

“Growth is Labour’s first mission for government. It means being pro-business and pro-worker – they’re not mutually exclusive.

“Lichfield, Burntwood and the villages are all employment areas, from the warehouses in Fradley to the commercial hubs in Lichfield and Burntwood and the small businesses and farms across the villages of our area – and they’ve all been let down by 14 years of Conservative mismanagement.”

Dave Robertson

The Labour candidate – who sits on both Lichfield District Council and Lichfield City Council said the unprecedented fall in living standards showed that a more stable option for the economy was now needed.

He added:

“Growth doesn’t come through the rollercoaster ride we’ve lived through and are still living through – it comes from stability and certainty.

“Lichfield’s business owners tell me it’s a pre-condition before they can think about investing for the future, and it comes from a new deal for working people so that work pays, including putting an end to exploitative zero hours contracts and introducing basic rights from day one to parental leave, sick pay and protection from unfair dismissal.

“GB Energy will help that growth, creating UK-based jobs while tackling high energy prices.

“We’ll set a target for half of all food purchased across the public sector to be locally-produced or certified to higher environmental standards – and we’ll overhaul the unfair business rates system to turbocharge small businesses.

“All these measures, and more, will help kickstart Lichfield’s economy to build a more prosperous future.”

Dave Robertson

Seven candidates will stand in the Lichfield constituency:

  • Sir Michael Fabricant – Conservatives
  • Richard Howard – Reform UK
  • Pete Longman – Independent
  • John Madden – Independent
  • Heather McNeillis – Green Party
  • Paul Ray – Liberal Democrats
  • Dave Robertson – Labour

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Reform voter
1 month ago

And in future once Labour are in expect higher taxes to really kick you your business in the teeth. Labour won’t ever change. They are a party of tax and spend.

Councillor Colin Ball
1 month ago

Labour has changed and we have made it clear that there will be no increases on Income Tax, National Insurance or VAT. We are focusing on the positive change that Labour will deliver both locally and nationally, if we elect Dave Robertson for Lichfield, Burntwood and the Villages on 4th July. We have a clear plan to grow the economy and Dave will make a great local MP, building on his service to date as a local Councillor.

1 month ago

Dear Reform Voter What TOSH Just look at lack of performance despite ever higher personal & business taxes over last 14 years. Personally I will gladly pay more for better Public Services. Shame Reform like the Tories have only negative things to offer. Even St Nigel admits he cannot win many seats.. Bash Labour all you like – please continue your negative bizarre comments – it will only make more people [like me] vote Labour for change..

Clare Sholl
1 month ago

Actually, it’s Brexit that’s been kicking people and businesses in the teeth:
Eight years of Brexit red tape, a policy of ‘jobs are a price worth paying’, a loss of trade with our European neighbours, a failure to support farmers, higher food prices in the shops, a lowering of environmental standards, an exodus of EU skilled workers (including from the NHS and social care), the loss of freedom of movement for Brits to work, study and train in 30 EEA countries, total chaos in the post-Brexit immigration system, the loss of European Regional Development Fund money for deprived areas, a loss of EU consumer rights, constant threats to our human rights and violations of international law, more fat cat bonuses, revolving door prime ministers, a Truss budget that trashed our economy, an increase in hate crime and more people relying on food banks.
Businesses and communities need a commonsense, pragmatic approach not more disastrous Brexit ideology from Reform and the Tories.

King Charles IV
1 month ago

Dave Robertson is a warm, smart, hard working councillor, and will be an excellent representative for my constituency.
The Labour government he will support in my Parliament will bring about such a positive change. Do you remember “strong and stable” under T. May? Have you looked at the fiction the Reform “Party” talk about? (They are a limited company, director and shareholder one N. Farage).
Labour are offering a real government that will be committed to benefiting the people of this country.

1 month ago

@Toby : If you think your hard earned cash is going to be spent wisely by labour over the next five years you are going to be in for a shock. They will waste it just like any other government in power. The more money pumped into public services the worst they become.

1 month ago

A simple expedient to boost business and the economy is to make the engine run faster. To do this you need to give people more disposable income. This would raise demand and get production increases. If income tax and VAT were substantially reduced it would stimulate this acceleration and draw in more tax on the gross turnover. To be really effective it would need legislation to restrict price inflation.
The tax from business needs strong rules to prevent the many loopholes that make some pay little or no tax. Foreign ownership and production moved abroad also reduces substantially tax income.
Lastly…Our football clubs should not be allowed to be the playthings of foreign popentates and billionaires. So much of Britain is owned abroad. It is like a bloodless invasion.

James Blackman
1 month ago

Dave Robertson, well said!

As a multiple business owner and former President of a Chamber of Commerce, I understand that late payments of invoices cripple growth. There are no incentives for micro or small businesses to grow, especially as it becomes harder to claim R&D tax credits. Business rates are completely unfair. Why should Amazon pay less than cafe in Lichfield?

I have been advocating for payments to be made within 30 days, as this could be worth over £24bn to the UK economy if every invoice were paid on time. Get paid on time the economy will grow organically.

The Labour manifesto clearly lays out plans to tackle late payments and support micro and small businesses. Reform Business Rates. In contrast, the Tories do not understand the value of micro and small businesses. They hung-out 3.8 million freelancers during COVID.

Everyone fears being taxed, but if you want well-maintained roads, and a functioning NHS, Police, Teachers how do you think these are funded?

1 month ago

Have the Conservatives let us down. Totally.

Colin Ball chaired a task group on city centre development. That is going to give us housing, knocking down a car park, housing, a cinema where the budget is running out of control, housing, a massive handout to an overpriced pub and more housing.

Is that change? I voted Labour in the local elections and have been dreadfully disappointed.

Therefore, I must be a Lib Dem or Reform voter. Certainly not.

I may just spoil my ballot. None of the options look good.

Ed Strain
1 month ago

It’s about time we had a proper local, decent and humble MP for Lichfield. Whatever people’s views about the national issues, Dave will always look out and speak up for Lichfield, with real knowledge of the constituency and a desire to help ordinary working people who have been absolutely ignored by Fabricant. Time for change!

Sea Chandler
29 days ago

As a small business

I love paying more tax than amazon and starbux
I love only getting £500 in tax free dividends
I love paying more VAT than ever and taking home less
I love the fact VAT hasn’t been adjusted in years
I love Paying more energy than ever
I love having issues buying from the EU when it could be simpler

I must love it because our MP hasn’t given an actual shxt when I’ve approached him about it and sent multiple emails.

There is no incentive to make money if you can in this land.

29 days ago

@Dale Maybe I’m wrong here, and I’m sure your right about the Labour councillor you mention chairing a task group on the City Centre but the Tories still run the council despite no one having overall control and so having to work together. The truth is local councils have been squeezed for years and years to make cuts because central government have been giving them less and less funding due to austerity Britain.

That doesn’t mean our councillors shouldn’t be held to account, but what I don’t understand is how the Tories continued for years to be in control of Lichfield council for years even after the Friarsgate fiasco and the whole new leisure centre plan (if it ever happens). If Labour had a sizeable majority on the council, as the Tories did have, then criticism would be fair enough, but they don’t, and they’ve only had some level of say for a very short period, enough to judge them, I’m not at all sure.