The Pig - which will soon be known as The Beacon
The Pig - which will soon be known as The Beacon

A Staffordshire brewery has confirmed it will reopen a Lichfield city centre pub this summer.

The Pig, on Tamworth Street, will get a new name – The Beacon – when Titanic Brewery throws open the doors in August.

The new title has been chosen to recognised the nearby park which also houses a statue of John Smith – captain of the RMS Titanic.

The pub will be the 17th location for the brewery, which also operates the Bod cafe bar in Streethay.

Jonathan Wright, head of retail at Titanic Brewery, said:

“This pub has had various names over the years, and with this new chapter starting in the building’s history, it felt right to give the pub a new name.

“We asked local residents for their thoughts, and overwhelmingly they wanted something that recognised Titanic’s stewardship of the building, but also had a local link.

“The Beacon was the perfect fit, and we’re really excited to see this new name appear on the building in the coming weeks.”

Jonathan Wright

The opening will create 12 new jobs – and the company said local suppliers will also be used wherever possible.

On the bar will be some of Titanic’s beers including Steerage pale ale and Plum Porter. They will be joined by a range of ever-changing ales from guest breweries.

There will also be regular live music performances.

Dave Bott, Titanic Brewery’s director, said:

“In our opinion, pubs play an essential role in keeping communities together and helping them to thrive.

“We are privileged to have the opportunity to reopen the doors of this pub and welcome back local residents and visiting drinkers alike.

“A Titanic pub is a place where people can come together to enjoy great times with great beer, and we are certain that The Beacon will be no different.”

Dave Bott

Applications are now open for a variety of roles. Those interested in applying can send CVs to [email protected].

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29 days ago

Good luck to them!

The grand opening is women and children first apparently.

Brenda jones
29 days ago

Call it the ‘LITTLE OAK’ in refrence to it original name , a nice reminder of a good olde english pub

29 days ago

How big are the ice cubes going to be in the gin and tonic 🤔

Citizen Smith
29 days ago

Shame they didn’t use my name suggestion of “Goes down well”… 😌

29 days ago

Good luck being next door to spoons your going to need it

28 days ago

Faro is Beacon/lighthouse in Portuguese (not just the last call for Easy Jet flight etc) so we already have a Beacon really. I thought the Faro Lounge took the name from Beacon Park?

Well the First class did end up next to the steerage eventually. They have a beer of the same name so they can send it next door.

Steve Morgan
25 days ago

In your recent years it was called “The Acorn”. What is wrong with reverting to that ?

24 days ago

This has always been, and will always be the Pig and Truffle to me. It’s probably the furthest city centre pub from Beacon Park so I’m a little confused and inspiring calling it the Beacon. Perhaps something more related to the Titanic or even Captain Smith would have been more apt, not that apart from the statue there is they big a link of him to the city, as far as I know. The Acorn wasn’t where the Pig was/is, that was a different establishment.

Laurence Skermer
24 days ago

To confirm my recollection, I consulted the Lichfield Lore website. The building was originally known as The Acorn, changing to the Pig and Truffle in 1988. The Weatherspoon’s next door was called The Acorn to acknowledge this, so the name is no longer available (or would be confusing in the extreme). Pubs get renamed all the time, at least this isn’t some jokey pun like “The Office”. I look forward to visiting, the brewery have some excellent ales, and anyone who has visited Bod will know they know how to run a good establishment.

Half Blind
23 days ago

I read this quickly, and thought it said the new name was The Bacon!
I read it again and laughed at myself, and the thought of it out loud. Well every Pig turns into Bacon doesn’t it!
it will be known to me as the Bacon here forth! lol