Michael Fabricant
Sir Michael Fabricant

Individuals and businesses will welcome a fall in inflation, a Lichfield General Election candidate has said.

New figures have revealed the rate has dropped to 2%.

Sir Michael Fabricant, who will stand for the Conservatives on 4th July, said:

“This is the second lowest inflation rate in Europe.

“Following the war in Ukraine when oil prices soared, western countries have all suffered. 

“But decisive action by the Chancellor in the UK has meant that inflation rates have fallen far faster here.

“And combined with the provision of nearly £500billion in furlough payments during the Covid lockdowns, this has meant that far fewer businesses collapsed in the UK than in France of Germany. 

“As a consequence, Britain now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of Europe.”

Sir Michael Fabricant

Seven candidates will stand in the Lichfield constituency:

  • Sir Michael Fabricant – Conservatives
  • Richard Howard – Reform UK
  • Pete Longman – Independent
  • John Madden – Independent
  • Heather McNeillis – Green Party
  • Paul Ray – Liberal Democrats
  • Dave Robertson – Labour

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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1 month ago

I am genuinely intrigued. What ‘decisive action’ did the Chancellor take? Raising interest rates, which is the usual monetary policy response to inflation, is solely down to the independent Bank of England and absolutely nothing to do with the Chancellor.

29 days ago

Inflation at 11%, not our fault. Inflation at 2%, aren’t we wonderful, we’ve worked hard and turned it round. Tory spin showing you can have it both ways.

we still have prices rising, just slower that they were. We’re still paying 30% more for food than we were 2 years ago.

jog on Fabrican’t

John Davis
29 days ago

Crumbling schools, crumbling prisons, crumbling hospitals. Winter-frozen pensioners, hungry children, hungry adults. Three million people surviving on foodbanks – generation heat-or-eat. Rivers full of sewage, roads full of potholes, borders full of chaos. Patients dying in a treatment queue, people in agony in a dentist queue. The NHS in crisis, the care sector in collapse. Police ignoring crimes, MPs ignoring laws. No massive HS2 extension, just a massive cost and a massive national debt. Care homes starved of workers, services starved of cash, people starved of hope.

Tory cronies stuffed into the Lords, taxpayer cash stuffed into Tory donors. The rich, richer. The poor, poorer. Fourteen years of austerity and neglect, lies and chaos, corruption and deceit. Fourteen years of in-fighting and back stabbing. Fourteen years in power. Broken promises, broken services, Broken Tory Brexit Britain. Less money, less rights, less growth, less prospects.

29 days ago

Still high food prices. Still high power prices. Still high mortgages. Still high fuel prices. Still high building materials price….Meals out-Childcare-Train fairs- etcetera, etcetera. Why don’t I feel better off?

28 days ago

It won’t make a difference to Joe Public. Too little too late. Your days are numbered.

John Allen
27 days ago

I’d like to ask Mr Fabricant what the weather is like on his planet.

Ian Jones
27 days ago

@AnnS – “Lower inflation won’t affect Joe Public”? That has to be the strangest thing I have ever read on here!!

27 days ago

Ian Jones. AnnS said nothing of the sort. Making up things and saying another said them when they did not adds nothing to the debate. An honourable commenter would withdraw their comment.