A sign warning of the closure of the A5192 in Lichfield

Drivers are being warned of more roadworks misery in Lichfield with signs confirming yet another scheme is due to begin.

Motorists are already facing disruption due to a resurfacing project on Birmingham Road as well as the closure of the northbound slip road on the A38 at Streethay.

Watery Lane is also shut to allow for works to take place as part of a new housing development.

But now signs have gone up warning of a closure of the A5192 Eastern Avenue between 10th July and 19th July.

One motorist told Lichfield Live:

“Given the A38 north slip road, Watery Lane and Eastern Avenue all seem to be closed between 10th and 19th July – obviously more for the A38 and Watery Lane as well – I’m struggling to see how I get to work that week?”

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Local guy
21 days ago

Struggling for words!!! What work’s being done now and why will it take 9 days? Lichfield’s turning into one big ring road.

Nicola Humphreys
21 days ago

Could they not wait an extra week until the schools break up? Like they could have done with the upper St. John’s street/ Birmingham road works? There’s a 6/7 week period where the traffic is greatly reduced…but hey, what do I know.

21 days ago

This is becoming totally ridiculous. The amount of diversion signs is crazy. Ironically its one of the few roads in Lichfield that has no potholes, but its being closed for 9 days?

20 days ago

Eastern Avenue is a long road, it would help to know which part is being closed (and why)? Are they closing the road to put in traffic lights at the Watery Lane junction? They’ve got to do it at some point so they’re missing an opportunity if not. Presumably SCC’s responsibility (their website doesn’t say). But then their official diversion to avoid the Birmingham Road roadworks until July 21 is …… along Eastern Avenue!

20 days ago

Will there be a diversion for the diversion that’s already a diversion and a diversion for that!

20 days ago

They’ve failed to pedestrianise the city centre but next month the rest of the city finally becomes accessible on foot only.

Gary Vegas
20 days ago

strange that this is not even showing on one network for roadworks, The closure is still saying 20th – 29th August not July???

20 days ago

Yippee, more roadworks, chaos, people with yellow helmets sitting in parked up vans looking at their phones, bedlam, traffic lights out of sync and cheesed off motorists! Can’t wait!

20 days ago

Its going to taker me more than 30 mins to get from Lichfield to Fradley now ! Its unbelievable..

20 days ago

Beyond a joke the council is run by complete clowns I wouldn’t trust them to run a bath

20 days ago

Does anyone know what part of eastern ave is closing. will there be access to the retail parks/gyms ?
Surely there is no need to close the whole length of the road for the whole period ?

19 days ago

Jim,roads are county council

19 days ago

I was told there are closure signs on the A51 near Longdon without any details too. What’s going on? Is it possible that they are moving some structure for the HS2 and want the roads clear.

17 days ago

Absolute nightmare living in Lichfield and surrounding area.dread to think what will happen when Eastern Avenue is closed the division at watery lane is three miles long not well signed . Do they not think of the business’s and then wonder why they are closing down because customers can’t get to them .
after all we are supposed to be saving our planet but not only are you causing chaos what about the increased cost of driving untold extra miles following your diversions and in some cases not necessary obviously you are not interested in saving our planet also when ever you see so called workmen you only see one working one with a iPad and three doing nothing.wouldn’t it be nice to told what exactly you are going to do on Eastern Avenue because I went around your division for watery Lane on Thursday Lunch time and hay oh I didn’t see one workman in site yet you say it’s going on for 22weeks !!!

John Robinson
17 days ago

Val Roberts – you say the Eastern Avenue diversion will last for 22 weeks and you didn’t see one workman on your tour of the site. That’s why it will take 22 weeks! It seems that the council employee managing road works etc, whose long term ambition has been to bring Lichfield to an absolute standstill is on the verge of realising his/her ambition – surely to be recognised in the outgoing prime minister’s honours list later this month for services to the mental well being of the citizens of Lichfield during the last few years.

Ed Eaton
15 days ago

The dates getting closer, and yet there is no information whatsoever about this project. I’ve received an email from the gym telling me the car park will be closed for that full duration so we can assume that part of the road with the junction to the retail park will not be in use. If it is resurfacing and replacement work why can’t they do it like the Birmingham Road project? So there is minimal disruption? I also note that this project starts on the 10th, then on the 11th resurfacing work also starts on the pedestrian crossing outside the nursery because that makes sense of course….

Stephen Roberts
15 days ago

This is becoming like the Stephen King series “The Dome” we are never meant to leave the city! How is anyone supposed to get out, my other half works near Rugeley, can’t get on eastern avenue, A51 to Rugeley is closed too, all traffic is diverted where, Birmingham?? LDC have no idea, they believe that as everyone, including themselves are old and don’t need to travel, neither do we……stop the pointless madness, if the council maintained the roads, as they should, this would not be needed, instead they allow disrepair and then close everything off for “major” works.

10 days ago

What part of eastern avenue is closing 10th July does anyone know? Surely it can’t be all of it

Local female
9 days ago

I live off eastern avenue and I’ve had no letter at all. I’ve just seen the signs and no idea if I’ll be able to get home after work today ! They hadn’t started the work at 7.45 this morning