Paul Ray
Paul Ray

THE Liberal Democrat candidate in Lichfield says the General Election result shows people are “desperate for a new direction”.

The vote saw the Conservatives suffer heavy losses, including locally where Sir Michael Fabricant was ousted as Labour’s Dave Robertson overturned a 23,000 majority.

The Lib Dems finished fourth behind Reform UK – but their candidate Paul Ray said his party was now a “real voice again in British politics”:

“What a night in Lichfield – the people have spoken and Michael Fabricant is no longer our MP.

“I congratulate Dave Robertson on his success and I wish him the very best as our new MP.

“And it was a great night nationally for the Lib Dems. We are now a real voice again in British politics. A voice for change and a fair deal for all.

“In Lichfield we also had a good night. My vote was squeezed, but was respectable – and we did our bit to bring change to Lichfield by getting Conservative voters to come across to vote Lib Dem.

“The country and our community here in Lichfield, Burntwood and the villages have spoken and said that they are desperate for a new direction.

“Now the new government must deliver that change.”

Paul Ray

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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13 days ago

Why does Paul Ray think Conservative voters moved to him? Not only did his share of the vote decrease from 10% to 7.3% but the number of votes decreased from 5,632 to 3,572. That looks more like Lib Dem voters moving away to me.

Mark Webster
13 days ago

Undoubtedly Paul Ray’s vote was reduced by LibDems tactically voting Labour to get Mr Fabricant out.

But he can take comfort in the fact that tactical voting for LibDem candidates by Labour voters in other constituencies has increased LibDem representation in the House of Commons. No bad thing, the country needs politicians promoting liberalism, green policies and close relations with the EU.

13 days ago

The man continues to fail, this time coming fourth, yet his ego can’t help but make out he’s actually done well!

John Pullen
13 days ago

Who cares about the Lib Dems anyway, just a wasted vote when you already know they won’t have any weight. The important thing is that Fabricant is out at last. Now come on Labour – start changing Lichfields facilities, approach to housing (please no more elderly flats!) and make it somewhere that people from afar want to visit. Look at the billboards around the ex Ford site and there are some clues as to what our City could be if those that decide can get their act together.