Dave Robertson and Sue Woodward
Dave Robertson and Sue Woodward

Labour’s General Election win in Lichfield has been “a very long time coming”, a senior local party figure said.

Dave Robertson wrestled the seat away from long-standing Conservative MP Sir Michael Fabricant.

It means the constituency will have a Labour for the first time since it was formed 27 years ago.

Prior to the party’s victory this week, Cllr Sue Woodward, leader of the Labour group at Lichfield District Council, had previously come closest to victory having lost by just 238 votes in 1997.

She said:

“This result has been a very long time coming – 27 years in fact since the constituency was first formed.

“The intervening years have often been very lean ones for Labour, but local members have continued to hold the faith and hold our nerve.

“This has paid off magnificently with Dave now having been elected as our MP building from last year’s successes in the local elections.”

Cllr Sue Woodward

Cllr Woodward has worked alongside the new Lichfield MP at Lichfield District Council where has has served as her deputy.

She said she was looking forward to see him mark an impact in Westminster.

“He has been a fantastic candidate and I know he will make a fantastic Member of Parliament, looking outwards and serving his electors – and the country – rather than looking inwards and for only partisan interests.

“He has motivated and inspired a huge team of volunteers who have gone the extra mile –hundreds of them – to reach across the whole constituency. No candidate, anywhere in the country, could have worked any harder. 

“I am proud to be his friend and colleague and it’s a cause of great satisfaction to me that he’s achieved what few expected. 

“But he knows, as do I too, that the hard work starts now.”

Cllr Sue Woodward

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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12 days ago

I look forward to watching your progress Dave.
Make Lichfield proud.

Gurt get a life
12 days ago

Amazing how a few days can change the mood of a country and bring back the feel good factor.

Election win, England victory, 3 British drivers at the front of the pack for the British GP, British player into last 16 of Wimbledon… Oh and the best on of all, Fabricant out!!!

Best weekend in a long while!!!

11 days ago

Labour didn’t win the local election, the conservatives lost it. ‘Dave’ should thank reform for splitting the vote. The majority of Lichfield voted for right wing parties.

11 days ago

Congratulations David Robertson. Expectations have to be tailored to circumstances but if you are able to show you are a champion of your constituency you will win the hearts and minds of many who feel we have lacked that attention for a very long time. Please remember you always have to fight for your seat and the many anomalies that show up from the election is not a direct endorsement. I have every hope you will be OUR MP for a long time.

11 days ago

Gurt Clearly counting [arithmetic] is not your forte, or are you trying a different agenda? Whatever it is you are misguided

Sweet Caroline
11 days ago

@Gurt – You really need to get over it. Although I have to admit, it is really quite funny watching you implode at every story about Dave. You really aren’t a very tolerable woman are you?

Bob Harrison
11 days ago

Well done Dave! Your hard work in the community helped you win this contest. Best wishes for the future!

7 days ago

Clearly the turn out dropped, and votes went to reform but who cares now? Let the man get on with the job. 11000 votes last time, who knows if he does a good job next time he may get 34000 votes like the previous incumbent.