The front of the Lichfield Garrick building

THE Lichfield Garrick says a new major refurbishment project will help cement the venue’s reputation in the community and the wider Midlands region.

The theatre’s trustees have approved a “significant investment” for the plans which will see work start this month.

Improvements will include a refurbishment of the front-of-house areas including the box office, bars and toilets. The work will also seen enhancements to accessibility.

The theatre’s bosses said the funding had been given the green light after strong box office sales since the end of the Covid lockdowns.

Chief executive and artistic director Daniel Buckroyd said

“We simply couldn’t have done this without the continued support of our audiences from across Lichfield and beyond – and we can’t wait to welcome them and new audiences back to the venue to experience a brighter, more comfortable, more accessible welcome than ever when the project is completed this autumn.”

Daniel Buckroyd

The work is expected to be completed by the end of August.

Daniel added:

“We’re thrilled to share our plans with the community. These improvements are about making the Garrick a place where people can experience special moments and create lasting memories with their friends and family.”

Daniel Buckroyd

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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11 days ago

Long overdue – the Toilets need a complete refurb & more Ladies loo’s too

Alva Chadwick
11 days ago

A shame there’s nowhere for single ladies to park at night!

10 days ago

Let’s hope this investment isn’t undermined by the council removing nearly all the nearby parking.

10 days ago

Why invest more money ,it’s subsidised enough ,the shows are poor and overpriced it’s not even an attractive building ,close it .

Carl Sholl
10 days ago

I’ve seen lots of great shows at the Garrick, and all reasonably priced, and I’m sure there will be many more after the refurb. It’s a real benefit to have a local theatre that does so much for young performers in Lichfield and the surrounding area.

10 days ago

Have not visited the Garrick for quite a while, sadly because it has lost its sparkle and pricey too.
Cannot get into Lichfield in the evening NO buses I do like a glass of wine., and Taxi just pushes the cost up even more.
Hopefully it will all come together.
New Cinema, Eateries .Refurb Theatre and somewhere to Park .
We have all been waiting far too long.

K Mace
9 days ago

What a pity the council have removed nearby car park
As a single lady I no longer feel safe walking across town to car parks after evening performances finish.Looks like I am only going to be able to go to shows with afternoon performances.

Philip C
9 days ago

Nick. Just to put it into perspective. Lichfield Councils budgeted expenditure in 2024/2025 for the Garrick SPA is £100k, while for example, the BE for the Padel Tennis Court is £200k. So I think that per capita it is money very well spent. And I completely agree about the comments on lack of parking.

Herbert Hogwash
9 days ago

The fear of crime towards females doesn’t appear to be borne out by facts, unless I’m missing something. Lichfield is still an extremely safe place to live and visit.

9 days ago

@herbert hogwash.
Presume by name you are of the Male Gender.
Sadly Lone Women are targeted verbally by individuals who are worse for Drink and Drugs, or high spirits especially after Dark.
I assure you it is very unnerving, especially in my Home City Lichfield