Richard Howard
Richard Howard

THE foundations have been laid for Reform UK to grow locally and nationally, their Lichfield General Election candidate has said.

The party finished third in the constituency with 9,734 votes, behind Labour’s Dave Robertson who won 17,232 and Conservative candidate Sir Michael Fabricant with 16,422.

The local results came as the national picture saw the Nigel Farage-led Reform UK get five MPs elected to Parliament.

Richard Howard, who stood for the party in the Lichfield constituency, said:

“The election result in Lichfield was a great step forward for Reform UK.

“In only a few weeks we went from being a relatively unknown party to one that gained almost 20% of the total vote on the night.

“This is partly due to the supporters of the party putting in a huge effort in spreading our message across Burntwood, Lichfield and numerous villages for which I am truly thankful.

“I am also grateful to the thousands of people who voted for Reform UK. Their vote has not only helped to change the political landscape in the constituency it has set the foundations for Reform UK to build upon in the months ahead.”

Richard Howard

Reform also landed third in the Tamworth constituency – which includes areas such as Stonnall, Fazeley, Whittington and Shenstone – after winning 11,004 votes, compared to Labour’s 15,338 and the Conservative total of 13,956.

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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9 days ago

Long way to go yet for Reform to be taken seriously, The problem is one of policy -so dream on!!

Cinema insider
9 days ago

Let’s not give these clowns any airtime

9 days ago

#Toby I don’t think they have any policies of substance just rhetoric, which is designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect, but is lacking in any meaningful content. It’s what Farage is all about.

Clare Sholl
9 days ago

This is a man who wants to “do away with the net zero climate issue” and claims “We are one of the cleanest countries on this planet”.

Has Richard Howard not heard how polluted our UK waterways are, with sewage regularly dumped in our rivers and seas? Is he ignorant of the fact that there are British citizens dying from asthma and heart disease exacerbated by unsafe levels of air pollution? There are families living right here in Staffordshire dealing with the stench and health risks associated with hazardous landfill.

Perhaps he could explain how exactly that is all the fault of “foreign influence”? Britain is the birthplace of the industrial revolution – and sadly that also means we were one of the first major industrial polluters. This country needs to lead the way on finding the solutions in cooperation with our neighbours and international efforts. Reform are not facing up to reality and are incapable of tackling this vital, global issue.

9 days ago

While I do not agree with the Reform party assessment of net zero emissions, because of the local impact of water and air pollution, there is undoubtedly the case that big businesses and government are not addressing the situation in a way that will achieve this. Few, if any, new estates are future proofed in this regard with only minimal provision being made. The water companies are on a win win situation, they pollute the waters and pay the fines with the money they collect from us; while still paying large dividends.
Global warming is clearly a blind spot for most countries and governments. The effects are self evident but few are willing to instigate real alleviating measures. It is looking improbable that we will avoid worldwide catastrophes.
It needs parties like reform to champion the causes that are unpopular but of crucial importance to us all. We are likely to perish through our own ignorance.

Carl Sholl
8 days ago

With all due respect Philip, we don’t need parties like Reform at all. Their only real focus is on getting Nigel Farage installed as our “dear leader”, after which democracy will be dead in this country.

8 days ago

Nigel Farage’s primary aim of being in politics is to make people talk about Nigel Farage. He is the leader of Reform because he decided to be. There was no vote amongst its members like happens with proper political parties. Their policies are mostly regressive, reactionary, often poorly written and obviously intended to attract a certain element of the population.

Reform voter
7 days ago

A party with many solid policies. As a new party they will find some of their policies will have to change to meet the wants of the masses but they have the backing of a large proportion of the UK. Many, even in Lichfield, are worried about illegal immigration and the terrible want of those in the Labour party to move us closer to the failed state that is the EU.

Good to see a viable candidate and one who will grow with experience as time goes on.

Anything to counter the debt and misery that has been and will be inflicted by the two main parties.

7 days ago

Reform voters- Which of the 27 independent and sovereign nations of the EU is a failed state? The EU is no more a state than Nato or the Commonwealth

Your incorrect comment on the EU and immigration needs to be addressed
Immigration has always been a matter for each state
Immigration has never been an EU matter.
As for the statement that the main parties brought us to this state
Why does Reform back the failed policies of Truss?
Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness.

7 days ago

A “party” with a leader who describes misogynist and alleged rapist and people trafficker, Andrew Tate, as “an important voice” should be nowhere near politics. He is despicable and anyone supporting him or his “party” really needs to look beyond the carefully crafted “lad” persona to the real Nigel Farage. Don’t fall for this latest grift – he is in it solely for his own self-gratification.