1. Tony Round mentioned 200 years later. He may wish to know this. It’s hard to believe but it was only in 2015 that, according to the Treasury, British taxpayers finished ‘paying off’ the debt which the British government incurred in order to compensate British slave owners in 1835 because of the abolition of slavery. Abolition meant their profiteering from human misery would (gradually) come to an end. Not a penny was paid to those who were enslaved and brutalised. The British government borrowed £20 million to compensate slave owners, which amounted to a massive 40 percent of the Treasury’s annual income or… ProfessorPineapple
  2. To the gentleman who walked past us saying “What a load of rubbish”, we agree. Slavery is, and always has been, a rubbish way of treating other people. To the gentleman who said “It’s all a long time ago”, we respectfully disagree. The impact of slavery on the nations where it has been imposed lies in the legacies of poverty, poor health & education we bestowed on them. And modern-day slavery is still rife – here in the nail bars, car washes and drug dealers – and elsewhere in the cheap t-shirts you buy, the batteries you use, the mobile… Nigel Gann
  3. Right, let’s all agree that slavery is a terrible thing and shouldn’t happen in today’s world. I think everyone will stand behind that. But you can’t judge the world of 200 years ago against the ethics of today. I am sure that 200 years ago you could smack a child in public and not be frowned upon. So does that mean all our great great grandparents were terrible people. 60 years ago you could have a skin full of beer and drive a car. How about when the Romans invaded and Britons were enslaved. Should we seek an apology from… Tony Round
  4. @Night watchman… No I don't think Joe Public are turning against the cinema. What is happening is that people are perplexed by the complex arrangements trying to set it up. This seems to happen with many ongoing projects LDC are involved in; Friasgate, Leisure Centre and Pedestrianisation to name just some. Many local places seem to take such decisions in their stride. Lichfield is good at dogs dinners. Critically there is much concern at the finance involved. They are making this cinema into a make or break situation. The consequences for Lichfield could be serious. Philip
  5. “If the council decides not to purchase Evolve Estates’ shareholding, then Evolve Estates will be entitled to sell its holding on the open market. In the event it did not achieve the pre-agreed price of £3.5million on the open market, then the council would fund any gap between its sale price and £3.5million.” The council decides not to buy the share, Evolve Estates sells it on the open market for 1p and then the council has to give Evolve Estates £3,499,999.99 and get nothing in return. That’s how that would work, isn’t it? I hope I am have misunderstood because… Ringo
  6. "Mike" -it's been an Indian restaurant for a while now. Further insight – we're in Haunton which is served by 2 bin lorry rounds perhaps due to the local road issues. Village contributes to Lichfield's rich variety with just 50+ homes wholly in a Conservation Area, but no gas, mains drainage or reliable mobile phone provider and 6 miles to nearest shop. Had 8 farms on main street, still has 5 farms/smallholdings. Could be a nightmare for couriers, only 6 houses with numbers, all either No 1 or No 2, but locals know every house name so frequently assist. 6… mn05
  7. Reply to "Mike" Ever heard of the Mease Valley ? Thought not. It's where Lichfield District drops off the map way out East. Those in their ivory towers also have difficulty in ensuring public services get done effectively. Move a few yards and you're in Leicestershire, another few & you're in Derbyshire, another few yards & you're in Warwickshire. Not without reason is No Man's Heath located there, where miscreants could escape justice by hopping between 4 separate law enforcement patches. Anyway, only 4 out of our 7 houses have a garden waste collection. There's just another 7 houses along… mn05
  8. Nottingham issuing a S114 notice now. They thought they could run an energy company! LDC thinks it can run a cinema and wants to spend around 75% of its annual budget on it. I blame diplomatic Dave Cameron and his Localism Act that allowed councils to do anything a business can do without the skill or shareholder risk. Look at the cuts pencilled in after the General Election some £19bn to unprotected areas like local govt. Some 50% again of the cuts that Osborne did 2010 opnwards. Iceberg ahead! RFW
  9. LDC seems to have adapted that old saying "build it and they will come" to something that more suits the desperation that now seems to accompany any plans for development in Lichfield. After years and years of the Friarsgate farce that has now seen a temporary car park created for a select few, LDC now seem to be following the mantra: "Build anything! Now! Sod the cost!" It really does seem LDC has managed to position itself between a rock and hard place as regards this cinema plan. Agree to the Evolve deal and pay more out so the developer… Scott Armstrong
  10. So it would appear that Evolve are negotiating a situation where they cannot lose. It would also seem they are giving Lichfield Council the 'hurry up' on property they have not been able to lease and will charge the council costs if it does not meet their timeframe. Even if the deal cannot be struck the council will still be liable for any shortfall in the sale price if the property goes on the open market. This, of course, gives Evolve every opportunity to unload buildings they have not been able to lease with total impunity. Much as a cinema… Philip
  11. It's not difficult to recognise that the cost dynamics will be different for collecting this waste in Lichfield District will be different to those within Tamworth Borough. Collections are much more concentrated in the latter. Just in our area alone the collection team collect from 4 properties then drive for 4 miles before their next collections, plus having to utilise smaller vehicles due to the type of roads thus requiring more frequent emptying journeys. The first fee increase in 5 years is understandable. mn05
  12. It is a garden tax, the house's they have built in Tamworth over recent years have no gardens, so less garden waste, like the house's they are building in Lichfield now. Or they have learnt and put everything into the black bin, we are being taxed for being good citizen's, but could now alter Cannock areas are now going to charge for garden waste, I think they are going to charge £40, see how many take it up. How much do Lichfield, loose out of it if as got to go up, to justify the increase It originally was going… Ken H
  13. If the market, who make money out of investment, are not willing to invest in this project I'm very worried that LDC seem to think they know better. It seems their partner are getting the best of both worlds with a guaranteed out and LDC then taking all the risk. The draw of the cinema to other potentential tenants for 3 spires will benefit the owners of 3 spires who will have no risk. Cinemas are loss leaders – they do not provide an investment return. What makes the money is their ability to draw restaurants. LDC are a local… David
  14. As a previous cabinet member for this, the split between Lichfield and Tamworth was never equal and it was based on historic figure's and needed to be reworked. I would however disagree with these charges as the green waste is tipped within Lichfield district therefore the collection cost would be cheaper than that of Tamworth’s. Surely this would then allow the charges to be the same for both Lichfield and Tamworth’s when it is a joint waste service…. On a separate note with this being a paid for service, can the cabinet member guarantee the collections as 2 weeks ago… Elizabeth Little
  15. It was a good family friendly event, Pool Walk was almost full of stalls, and the hot chocolate and Baileys was to die for. I believe all the decorations within Three Spires are organised by the shopping centre, so the fact the tree wasn't decorated by Nationwide is nothing to do with the organisers of this event. It was good to see such a strong Police and security presence too, all of whom were very friendly and approachable and made us feel very safe. Well done to all involved, we had a lovely time. Jimmy
  16. So, I've just had a look at the state of play along Watery Lane. No one actually working, still a massive hole, and what seems like a lot of work still to do. Plenty of hard hats standing around talking. No way that is going to be open by the 3rd of December. So, here's an idea. As the works have seriously overrun can South Staffs Water be fined? Then, donate the fine money to the businesses at Curborough Craft Centre to go some way to mitigate the financial impact this closure has had on their trade. Jolly Roger
  17. @Alicia – you're right. Opening up the A38 south slip road in Streethay will increase traffic through Streethay. I live off the A5127 and even without temporary traffic lights, when the A38 access was open, traffic queues at peak times typically reached back to the play area from Trent Valley island. When temporary lights were in place, there could be queuing traffic right back to the A38 even onto the A38 carriageway. Trent Valley island is over capacity, has been for years. The new developments in the area were meant to provide funds to improve the junction but this has… Fiona
  18. So relieved these roadworks have been postponed. As the A38 slip is shut, this is the only way into Streethay. With lights in place, Streethay residents must sit at four-way traffic lights for each journey. The Streethay arm queue is also hampered by the pedestrian crossing & nursery access which can mean it takes many light phases to get through the junction. It's bound to delay emergency services too & when minutes can be the difference between life & death, this is not safe for Streethay residents or anyone in an ambulance needing to get to Burton Hospital at busy… Fiona