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Local Advertising

Reach a highly targeted audience of 150,000 local visitors every single month at very affordable rates you won’t get elsewhere. Plus, know that you’ll be supporting Lichfield’s not-for-profit independent news publisher.

Audience Profiles

Female visitors

Women represent
47% of visitors

Male visitors

Men represent
53% of visitors


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Why you should choose digital

Female visitors


Lichfield Live is the only dedicated news source in Lichfield, Burntwood and the wider district. It’s the go-to choice to stay informed on anything news, sports & entertainment.

Female visitors


All ad units across the site have a viewability percentage of 70% or higher, making “above-the-fold” a thing of the past!

Female visitors


Unlike other news publishers we’re in Lichfield District and only carry news about the area, which makes our audience extremely targeted to folks who live and work here – ideal for results-focused advertising.

Note: We do not accept non-local advertisers and do not carry sponsored content.

Advertising Positions

Full Coverage

Place an ad in every single one of the slots we have available, detailed below, and your ad will get around 132,000 impressions per month. Incredible value for money!

Price: £1,151 per month

Above Header

Showing on every page of the site, right at the top, adverts in this slot are in a very visible position and so highly sought after. You can expect an ad in this slot to receive around 55,000 impressions every month.

Price: £381 per month

Below content

Sitting right at the end of the content of each individual article, readers eyes will naturally flow to this advert as soon as they’ve finished reading. Adverts in this position receive around 32,000 impressions each month.

Price: £255 per month


Showing right in the middle of each article this slot has a phenomenal chance of being seen and each advertiser receives around 63,000 impressions.

Price: £500 per month

Above Footer

Also appearing on every page of the site, this slot appears just above the footer. Adverts in this position can expect to receive around 9,700 impressions every month.

Price: £144 per month

Small Business

Our most visible spot, reserved for small businesses*, sticks itself to the bottom of the screen at all times on mobile devices

Price: £25 per month

Our Packages

Whether you’re interested in visibility at a simple monthly fee, have pay-per-view predictability, or you’re a small business with a small budget but need to get the word out, we have a package to suit you.


Keep it simple by booking adverts by the month and position. Choose where you want your ad to appear and pay per month.

  • Straight-forwardadvert sizes
  • 20-180kimpressions
  • Simplemonthly fee

Cost: from £144


Optimised for getting eyes on your ad, you’ll only ever pay when your ad is seen. You choose how many impressions you want, which determines the exact price you’ll pay.

  • Up to 1m total impressions each month
  • You set the budget
  • Guaranteed impressions

Cost: £7 CPM

Small Business

If you’re a small business* with a small advertising budget, our local business ad positions might be perfect for you.

  • Prime position
  • Just £25 per month
  • At least 3,500views of your ad every month
  • Simpleadvert creation

Cost: £25/month

*Small businesses are classed as those with fewer than 10 employees and revenue below £1m

Digital Ad Specs & Rates

Ad TypeDimensionsFile/Creative TypeDeviceCost per month
Full Coverage970×90, 728×90, 468×90, 468×60, 320×50, 300×250, 234×60GIF/JPEG – 250KBDesktop, Tablet, Mobile£1,151
Above Header970×90, 728×90, 320×50GIF/JPEG – 250KBDesktop, Tablet, Mobile£381
Below content468×90, 468×60, 234×60GIF/JPEG – 250KBDesktop, Tablet, Mobile£255
Mid-article300×250GIF/JPEG – 250KBDesktop, Tablet, Mobile£500
Above Footer970×90, 728×90, 320×50GIF/JPEG – 250KBDesktop, Tablet, Mobile£144
Small Businesses320×50, 320×100GIF/JPEG – 250KBTablet, Mobile£25

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