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Lichfield’s MP says he is “very disappointed” after Staffordshire Police was placed under special measures.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services has confirmed that the step has been taken with six forces across the country.

The move to special measures is taken when a force is deemed to be “not responding to a cause of concern, or if it is not succeeding in managing, mitigating or eradicating the cause of concern”.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said he hoped the new Chief Constable would be able to tackle “legacy issues”.

“I am very disappointed to learn that Staffordshire Police have – alongside five other police forces – been placed under special measures.

“London’s Metropolitan Police, Greater Manchester, Cleveland, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire have also been placed under special measures following inspections.

“I know that concerns have been expressed about police response times in Staffordshire, including the speed with which 999 emergency calls are answered and the time the police respond to such calls.

“Many of these are legacy issues and I hope that with the new Chief Constable in place along with the new policing model which will see more localised operations, further inspections will demonstrate the faster response times and detection rates we all desire.”

Michael Fabricant

Staffordshire Police has this week announced a move to a localised policing model which will see emergency response officers based at ten local bases – including one in Lichfield – rather than three regional sites as had been the case previously.

Mr Fabricant said:

“I think it is clear that the previous more centralised way of working based on just three hubs in a large county like Staffordshire just didn’t work. 

“I’m glad we are moving away from that.

“Once Chief Constable Chris Noble has had a chance to fully consider the inspectorate’s report, I will discuss with him what further changes may need to be made.”

Michael Fabricant
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