Prime Minister visits fundraising Burntwood teenager Stephen Sutton

The Prime Minister has visited a terminally ill Burntwood teenager who has raised £3million for charity.

Stephen Sutton’s campaign to support the Teenage Cancer Trust have rocketed past the £3million mark after a number of celebrities took to social media to back his efforts.

Stephen Sutton with David Cameron

Stephen Sutton with David Cameron

And now David Cameron has visited the 19-year-old and pose for a #thumbsupforStephen picture.

“It was a privileged experience and caps what has been an extraordinary two weeks,” Stephen said.

“Who would have thought that one thumbs up picture could have kickstarted so much good and influenced so many?”

The #thumbsupforStephen drive started after comedian Jason Manford picked up on a Facebook post where the Burntwood teen – who has incurable cancer – published a picture which he feared would be his “final thumbs up”.

But Stephen has since been discharged from hospital for the next stage of his care after an operation to clear tumour from his airway.

“After being at a point where it seemed like I’d never make it out it, feels so awesome to be able to say that,” Stephen said. “The recovery I’ve undergone recently is quite remarkable.

The picture that sparked the rush of donations to Stephen Sutton's fundraising drive

The picture that sparked the rush of donations to Stephen Sutton’s fundraising drive

“It has been difficult. There is an emotional trauma attached to nearly dying – a few times! – that will take a while to get used to, but ultimately I now feel even more fortunate to just be here and the experience serves as a potent reminder to go out there and live life as freely and as positively as possible.

“The simple things we take for granted are all blessings and living truly is a privilege we should all try and enjoy and make the most of.

“Physically my body has been through a lot recently so naturally I will need some time to recover. I have an appointment in two weeks time and if I’m healthy enough there is a trial drug treatment I am eligible for that I could potentially try.

“It would be a fifth different chemotherapy regime for me, with previous others having limited effect, so we will need to seriously discuss the efficacy of me trying it, but to even be talking about a few weeks time and having options is a great feeling.”

People can still donate to Stephen’s fundraising efforts via his JustGiving page.

Musicians, comedians and sports stars are among those who have taken a #thumbsupforStephen selfie. Click below to see some of them:

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