Why advertise with Lichfield Live?

Our independent community journalism is sustained by a combination of donations, advertising revenue and grant funding.

We’re a not-for-profit with any surpluses reinvested into community-focused aims.

Advertising is not just a revenue stream but an important part of our commitment to the local community, so we only accept adverts that support the local community. We also price our ads incredibly favourably with a simple monthly fee so you don’t need to understand online advertising lingo but based on a very good CPM of £6.

More specifically, here’s what we do accept:

  • you should be based in or close to Lichfield District
  • a large proportion of your customers live or work in Lichfield District
  • the ad should target Lichfield District residents
  • we will accept national advertisers who supply well-targeted adverts

We also recommend your advert does the following:

  • Make it clear what your organisation does
  • If you’re in retail, add your opening times if you can
  • Clearly display a telephone number; not everyone will click on your ad but they may call
  • If it’s animated make sure it’s slow enough to understand!

What does advertising look like?

Full Coverage

Place an ad in every single one of the slots we have available, detailed below, and your ad will get around 132,000 impressions per month. Incredible value for money!

Price: £716 per month

Above Header

Showing on every page of the site, right at the top, adverts in this slot are in a very visible position and so highly sought after. You can expect an ad in this slot to receive around 55,000 impressions every month.

Price: £335 per month

Below content

Sitting right at the end of the content of each individual article, readers eyes will naturally flow to this advert as soon as they’ve finished reading. Adverts in this position receive around 32,000 impressions each month.

Price: £190 per month

Top of Sidebar

Showing right below the title of each article or below the comments section of each article (desktop vs mobile viewers) this slot has a great chance of being seen and each advertiser receives around 26,000 impressions.

Price: £156 per month

Above Footer

Also appearing on every page of the site, this slot appears just above the footer. Adverts in this position can expect to receive around 9,700 impressions every month.

Price: £59 per month

Bottom of Sidebar

Sitting at the bottom of the sidebar on each article, this slot often sits alongside the content of the article or the comments section, capturing the attention of our loyal readers, and around 9,000 impressions each month.

Price: £55 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my advert be seen all the time?

Each advertising slot (see above) takes up to four advertisers at a time, in rotation, with each advertiser taking 25% of all impressions available. Each time a page is loaded, or refreshed, one of the four adverts will show. The slot will not always show the same advert.

Can my ads be animated?

Yes, we accept animated GIFs, but reserve the right to reject anything that is too “loud” or off-putting.

What can I put in my advert?

Broadly, anything legal, but we do reserve the right to refuse ads at our sole discretion.

How long can I advertise for?

We’re happy to accept bookings for up to six months at a time.

How do I pay?

We’ll issue an invoice via e-mail that you can pay with a credit or debit card