We sell advertising on the site to help with our running costs. It doesn’t generate a lot, but it lightens the load and helps to sustain us. We are a not-for-profit project.

We have a few ad slots on offer to local organisations – if you do decide to advertise (thank you!) please read these helpful guidelines to make the ads work well for you;

  • It has to be relevant to Lichfield or Burntwood;
    • you should be based in or close to Lichfield District
    • a large proportion of your customers live or work in Lichfield District
    • the ad should target Lichfield District residents
    • we will accept national advertisers who supply well-targeted adverts
  • Make it clear what your organisation does
  • If you’re in retail, add your opening times if you can
  • Clearly display a telephone number; not everyone will click on your ad but they may call
  • If it’s animated make sure it’s slow enough to understand!

The ad slots we have available are;

Above Header

Showing on every page of the site, right at the top, adverts in this slot will be viewed by every single one of our roughly 80,000 monthly visitors.

Above Footer

Also appearing on every page of the site and so visible to every visitor on every pageview, this slot appears just above the footer and directly below the well-used comments section.

Top of Sidebar

Right below the title of each article and alongside the very first part of the story, alongside the first paragraph or the compelling featured image on desktop views. On mobile, it appears below the well-used comments section.

Bottom of Sidebar

Sitting at the bottom of the sidebar on each article, this slot often sits alongside the content of the article or the comments section, capturing the attention of our loyal readers.

Below Content

Sitting right at the end of the content of each individual article, readers eyes will naturally flow to this advert as soon as they’ve finished reading.

Below Related

Having read an article, readers eyes will naturally pass over this slot as they head to our very active comments section to read or engage with the community.

Once you’ve decided which slot you want our resident geek, Phil, will be happy to help you – e-mail him on phil@lichfieldlive.co.uk.