A note about advertising

We sell advertising on the site to help with our running costs. It doesn’t generate a lot, but it lightens the load and helps to sustain us. We are a not-for-profit project.

We have a few ad slots – if you do decide to advertise (thank you!) please read these helpful guidelines to make the ads work well for you;

  • It has to be relevant to Lichfield or Burntwood;
    • you should be based in or close to Lichfield District
    • a large proportion of your customers live or work in Lichfield District
    • the ad should target Lichfield District residents
    • we will accept national advertisers who supply well-targeted adverts
  • Make it clear what your organisation does
  • If you’re a shop, add your opening times if you can
  • Clearly display a telephone number; not everyone will click on your ad but they may call
  • If it’s animated make sure it’s slow enough to understand!

The ad slots we have available are;

  • Masthead. This is the large advert in the very top of every page, to the right of the logo. The dimensions are 768×90 pixels. It’s available at £50 per calendar month.
  • Sidebar. This sites just below the search bar on the right hand side of the site. This slot is 300px wide and up to 300px high. It’s available at £30 per calendar month.
  • Article. Sitting just below the content of each article, this banner is highly visible to readers. The dimensions are 468×60 pixels. It’s available at £15 per calendar month.
  • Sidebar home. There’s a small slot on the sidebar on the home page only. The dimensions for this are 160×145 pixels. It’s available for £10 per calendar month.

Here are illustrations showing the location of each of the above ad slots:

Once you’ve decided which slot you want, book here. If you have any questions, our resident geek, Phil, will be happy to help you – e-mail him on phil@lichfieldlive.co.uk.