Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant explores hidden history of the Hanch Tunnel

Lichfield’s MP has been exploring the areas hidden history after visiting the Hanch Tunnel.

Built in 1853, it travels for almost four miles upto 130 feet beneath the city.

Michael Fabricant in the Hanch Tunnel

Michael Fabricant in the Hanch Tunnel

Michael Fabricant said: “This was a magnificent piece of engineering at the time.

“It carried water to the Sandfields Pumping Station from the pumping station at Seedy Mill and helped save many lives locally as the clean water it provided helped reduce infection from killer diseases like typhoid and cholera.

“We have incredible history beneath our feet.”

Mr Fabricant was also told about the construction of the tunnel by local historian Chris Pattison before heading down into the depths.

“It was a shame we couldn’t make our way along the tunnel,” the Conservative MP said. “But it was flooded near to the top and carbon dioxide and methane gas levels were too high.”

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  1. Al the Rott

    5th February, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    Doesn’t Michael Fabricant work in parliament? I’d have thought that he was well adjusted to high methane levels.