Residents fail in bid to close car park at Fazeley football ground

A football club in Fazeley has been given permission to keep a car park, despite opposition from residents living nearby.

Coton Green had sought retrospective planning permission from Lichfield District Council for a temporary 30-space facility at its New Mill Lane ground.

People living nearby had criticised the expanded car park, with one objector saying it would create a dangerous situation on the access road to the home of the Midland Football League club.

“We would argue that it will increase vehicle volume to an unacceptable level and increase the risk of accidents due to site access being via a narrow, unlit lane,” one resident said. “Access to the football club is smaller than most drives and the site is already over-developed in relation to access roads.”

Much of the criticism had been about the lighting of the car park.

One local resident said in a statement: “We strongly object to the extra lights in place to illuminate the car park. They are at such an angle and strength that they shine into our lounge and kitchen.

“We invite any member of the council to visit our home on a match night and explain to us how they can possibly be considered acceptable.”

Lichfield District Council’s planning chiefs have granted permission for the car park, but insisted that “no permanent illumination” should be used on the car park.

Full details of the new car park and the decision notice can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. Coton Green FC

    5th April, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    The car park was previously scrub and waste land with no real purpose. It has been levelled and a permeable temporary gravel-style surface put down. This conformed to the Environment Agency wishes due to the car park forming part of the flood plain. There will not be any more cars than is currently experienced as the car park wasn’t created to park more cars, just improve the facilities already in place. Surely the local residents would prefer this than visitors to the ground parking in the nearby Mayfair Drive estate?

    As for the accusation of lighting – There is no permanent lighting to the car park, nor has there ever been. Temporary lights are used to light the walk way from the pitch to the car park and there are also solar powered un-obstrustive lights dotted around the ground to ensure the safety of all of our visitors and to satisfy the Health and Safety Executive.

    It is our aim to work with the local residents and to that end we have put up speed restriction signs and also speed humps along New Mill Lane to slow visitors to the ground down, all at the football clubs expense. Unfortunately, this is not reciprocated with many of the New Mill Lane residents deciding to take their cars off their drives and make the already narrow lane even narrower on a match day for no reason!

    We are however trying to secure an alternative route into the football ground and are in preliminary discussions to explore the feasibility of doing this.