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Ministry of Defence files reveal Burntwood alien encounter

alienAn encounter with aliens in Burntwood is among a number of documents released by the Ministry of Defence.

The report reveals how two men claimed aliens had tried to abduct them on May 4, 1995.

The pair said aliens with lemon-shaped heads tried to lure them into their silver spaceship at 11.55pm.

According to the police report, the pair were walking near Fulfen School when they experienced an intense heat and their skin began to glow red.

They then said they saw the saucer-like craft, which was glowing red beneath, in a field.

An alien with a lemon-shaped head then told them:

“We want you, come with us.”

The pair visited Chasetown Police Station to make their statements and a Sergeant confirmed that a red light was visible in the sky with white lights surrounding it.

But the police report adds:

“These could quite easily have been a civil airline.”

Further investigations by Staffordshire Police found no other witnesses to the incident and a local farmer, who was out spraying crops in a field, said he had not seen anything unusual.

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  1. Darrell

    17th August, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Fulfen school is in Burntwood not Chasetown!
    Was the farmer spraying his crops at 5 to midnight?

  2. Sammy J

    17th August, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Article amended to reflect the right info – Chasetown was mentioned because I’d been reading the police statement relating to Chasetown Police Station.

  3. dee

    19th August, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    yes farmers reguly work way into the night, we were cutting hay at 3am last week! never saw no lemon headed aliens though!

  4. gemma

    13th September, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    hello my names gemma im from chasetown on friday 10th august i was on the was home from work my friend who stopped to drop me off on chaseroad stopped to let me out the car when in the sky in front of me was 2 orange objects 1 was much bigger than the other and a lot smaller they looked very differnt form a airplane or star so i kept looking at them they started move over chaseroad towards lichfeild but they were going to fast and they werent flashingso i told my friend to have a look and she seemed quit frreked out by it then when they stopped they sayed ther for a few miniutes and just vanished this made me very confused so im writing this on here to see if anyone else has seen anthing!!!! … also there was tqo men walking the other side of the road so i askes them to look up and seet too they were also amazes at what they saw as they were moving very fast!!!
    i woukd like to here if any one else saw this it was aroung 12:25pm late friday. gemma