Tim Hayes

A Hammerwich author is launching his new book in Lichfield.

Tim Hayes
Tim Hayes

Aquatical Latin, by Tim Hayes, will be officially unveiled between 2pm and 3pm at the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum on December 16.

The book explores the meaning behind the names of around 950 species of the most common tropical marine fishes found in the aquatic hobby.

Tim, a retired aquarist and marine aquarium writer, said he was inspired to write the book after coming across an article by gardener Anna Pavord referring to a book by botanist William Stearn that explained the meaning behind Latin plant names.

“This was something of an eye-opener for me,” he said. “It set me wondering if anything similar was available on the scientific names of fishes.

“My research led me to believe that nothing had been done on the subject of ichthyology so I decided to produce something myself.

“And four years later, here it is.”

Tim is also working on a further volume exploring the names of the fishes of the British isles.

For more details on Aquatical Latin visit the book’s official website.

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