Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

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Lichfield’s MP has sought reassurances that farming businesses will still be able to utilise workers from Eastern Europe when new post-Brexit immigration rules are introduced.

Michael Fabricant spoke with the Home Secretary Priti Patel about the issue in a House of Commons debate yesterday (10th February).

The Home Secretary said a points-based system would be introduced that “works in the best interests of the United Kingdom”.

Conservative MP Mr Fabricant followed up his initial question:

“I for one welcome this, particularly the fact that we’ll be able to attract the brightest and the best, not only from Europe, but from other nations as well, like the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

“But, in Lichfield, we’re a rural constituency, and we have a need not just for people with great skills, but also for part-time, horticultural workers.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Home Secretary replied:

“I am doubling the numbers of people that can go through the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme, and more information will be following on that in due course.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel MP

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11 replies on “MP seeks reassurances Lichfield farms will be able to use workers from abroad once post-Brexit immigration rules are introduced”

  1. Mr Fabricant changes his mind depending who he is talking to. As a hard line brexiteer he wanted all “free” movement stopped now wants it increased. It is not just horticultural worked it is general agricultural workers that are needed most of the year

  2. I would like to seek assurances from our MP that he will continue to flip and flop on his stance. This of course is dependent on whoever is chirpsing in his ear long enough for some salient fact or useful soundbite to lodge itself in his brain so he can stand up in the Commons or pop up on the broadcast media, take 10 minutes to make a 30-second point and increase his social media following in the process.

    In this case it appears some local farmers have been pointing out the difficulty in attracting part-time workers unless the Government allows those overseas workers he has previously pilloried are allowed back into the country without any hassles.

    Flip. Flop.

  3. Boris says no more unskilled workers from overseas today’s news, who is going to pick fruit and vegetables not UK people who can get enough hand outs for beer and wacky backy

  4. OMG did I just read this??

    Is this bloke for real, or is he part of an experiment to see how much utter incompetence an electorate will tolerate? The man is a an utter, utter cretin.

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