A Lichfield couple are hoping their new honey-infused gin will create a buzz in the run up to Christmas.

A bottle of The Apiarist gin

Keen beekeepers Alex and Natalie Conti created The Apiarist tipple after being left with a surplus of honey.

The couple had extended their apiary as part of a lockdown project, meaning their bees were more productive.

So after being left with a few kilograms of additional honey, they decided to work with Greywood Distillery to create the new tipple.

Alex said:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have developed a gin that is infused with our own raw honey, bringing the unique character of that golden nectar into a more ‘adult’ setting.

“As our bees forage around the Lichfield countryside, we are proud to know that some of that goodness is going towards making the perfect gin and tonic.

“We’ve been buying Greywood Distillery’s Fifth Spire gin for years, so rather than setting up our own distillery at home, we got in touch with them.

“They were really excited to create something new and different using our honey, and we’re extremely happy to have brought this to market together.”

Alex Conti

The Lichfield based couple usually run a business that specialises in making travel arrangements for international art institutions, but due to the coronavirus travel restrictions, the company is undergoing a brief hiatus in its operations. 

Natalie said:

“Having run our business for a decade, working together isn’t a new concept at all.

“We both usually travel a lot, but then COVID-19 happened. It’s been a blessing to be able to work on something new and exciting whilst spending more time with the children and it’s provided a positive distraction for us as a family.

“The whole experience has been a great way to teach the kids about nature – we’ve boosted the bee population and also had a bit of fun with gin.”

Natalie Conti

For details on how to purchase their gin, visit www.theapiaristgin.com.

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