Lichfield’s MP has been urged to apologise after he was accused of using an offensive term on social media.

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant used “Remonger” on Twitter after a fellow user used the phrase to describe people who supported remain in the Brexit debate.

The post on Michael Fabricant’s Twitter account

But the Conservative MP’s post drew criticism from other Twitter users who said it was derogatory to people with Down’s Syndrome.

Dave Denison, who has a daughter with the condition, branded the term a “slur” and called on Mr Fabricant to apologise.

“I was astonished that an MP would respond positively to such a cruel insult.

“If he didn’t make the connection immediately, the replies made it clear this was a slur, but he hasn’t deleted the tweet or apologised for it.

“The tweets before and after his made it clear this was a play on the term ‘mongol’ – something that’s almost Dickensian in its attitude to learning disabilities.

“I’d like him to apologise for insulting all the people with Down’s syndrome, several of whom live within his constituency.”

Dave Denison

Other users of the social media platform also criticised Mr Fabricant for using the word in his tweet.

One branded it “highly offensive”, while another added that he was “ignorant” for posting it.

“Insensitive language

Mr Denison, who chairs a forum for carers of people with learning disabilities, said:

“All our parents would recognise the schoolyard insults targeted at our kids from this type of insensitive language.”

Dave Denison

Mr Fabricant told Lichfield Live:

“I didn’t use the expression – someone else did in relation to Brexit.  I commented I had never heard it before.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Let’s set the record straight. Mr Fabricant tweeted, “Not heard of ‘Remongers’ before. I like it!”.

    Why did he “like it”?

    This portmanteau word is obviously based on a horrible word that has been used by ignorant people when referring to people with Downs syndrome.

    Mr Fabricant must apologise and delete his tweet.

  2. If anyone from the local Conservative Association is reading, please deselect this old fool. He is an embarrassment to Lichfield, the city deserves better.

  3. What a disgrace this man is. What an embarrassment he is for us all.
    Apologise now that you know what it means, after you said you like it, you dreadfully ignorant person.

  4. Not knowing what a word means is no defence here. If you don’t know then don’t use it or endorse it’s use. Mr Fabricant just shows what an ignorant and nasty man he is with his lack of empathy and callous response. He makes the anti-vaxxers outside the Friary look educated.

  5. He didn’t just say he’d not heard it before he also said he liked it. He represents all the people of Lichfield including my sister with Downs Syndrome and she shouldn’t have to put up with disgraceful comments like this from her MP.

  6. Looks like Michael Fabricant may have deleted this particular offensive tweet. Now how about deleting the rest of them, Mr Fabricant?

  7. The man never fails to disappoint in how out of touch and callous he is. In the last 12 months alone he has voted against free school meals for poorest kids, backed the end of the extra income support payment and now ‘liked’ a discriminatory term for disability. The man is vile and has to go. The sooner the better please.

  8. Mr Fabricant may not have been aware of one offensive meaning of the word he liked so much on Twitter, but the only reason he liked it was that it was offensive against another group. He should be apologising on both counts. That’s no way for our MP to behave.

  9. Mr Fabricant since being the MP for Lichfield, has allowed all the Day
    Centers in Lichfield. I wrote to him asking about a rumour I had heard regarding Braeburn Centre closing. He didn’t find out if it was true all he did was to tell me he had passed my letter on to South Staffordshire County Council.
    and Burntwood to close down. Staffordshire County Council have changed dramatically since 2010.

  10. So he doubles down and dissembles in the manner of the boss he cravenly mimics. He’s supposed to be our representative but instead he chooses (and it is a choice) to drag our city through the mud as a result of his behaviour.

  11. ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.’ (Maya Angelou) Fabricant has repeatedly shown us exactly who he is in comments about a young female constituent, a British Asian female journalist & the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan – to name but three. Today’s deeply hurtful & entirely inappropriate comments are further proof that he is not fit for public office. How on earth can anyone of good conscience vote for this man?

  12. Dear oh dear oh dear Micky Fab.Brain certainly not engaged before you opened your thoughts again. Even made last evening’s addition of “The Last Leg”So typical of this sorry apology of a government. By the way ,I speak as a life long Tory voter, but this shower! Well utter utter buffoonery. But hey they don’t need to be concerned whilst there is no serious opposition at present. Micky Fab ,just do the right thing and please retract your mindless comments.

  13. Fabricate claimed he didn’t understand what the word “twat” meant after he’d called a young woman constituent it on Twitter. That’s misogynist abuse. He retweeted an extraordinarily offensive Islamophobic cartoon of Sadiq Khan and then claimed he hadn’t understood it. He abuses his Twitter platform by tweeting stuff he then claims he didn’t understand. I reported his latest disgraceful tweet. He should be banned from Twitter.

  14. Another example of why he is unfit to stand as an MP. He brings shame on Lichfield, disgraceful. No chance he will resign or be taken to task by the Tory party

  15. Via his social media, Mr Fabricant would have us believe that – among other things – he doesn’t know what ‘monger’ means (which doesn’t, however, stop him from liking it), doesn’t know what ‘twat’ means, that expressing his desire to punch a woman in the throat is merely ’embarrassing’, and that retweeting an image of the Muslim mayor of London having sex with a pig was simply a matter of being distracted in a meeting and not realising what the image contained.

    Truly our MP is an ornament to our ancient city.

    Though it does make me wonder what they teach young men at Brighton, Hove and Sussex Grammar School and Loughborough University.

  16. Foolish though it may be I would suggest he was, at least on this particular occasion, indeed ignorant of this word.

    I had not heard of it before and would have assumed, if I followed his Twitter account that he was referring to us re-mainers (and not offended personally if so).

    I failed to find this word, using Google, in connection with Downs Syndrome, even on websites trying to educate people on what descriptions or words not to use. In fact I can’t find it anywhere so I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Once it was brought to his attention mind I would have thought a brief apology and deletion would have been in order. After all I see that the Tweet he was replying to had 34 replies and 29 likes with his tweet getting 374, overwhelmingly critical, replies and 34 likes. So it’s not like he wasn’t informed.

  17. Yep, sorry Steve Norman, you’re way of the mark this time. The abhorrent terms “Mong” and “Mongoloid” have been used for over 30 years.

    Fabricant holds anyone but his sycophantic disciples in utter contempt, and anyone who believes this tweet is anything but derogatory and discriminatory is either too scared or too lazy to challenge him.

    I’m disappointed but not surprised that local opposition parties and individual Conservative Councillors are not calling out this unacceptable language.

    We’ve had misogyny, racism and now disablism from Fabricant, and yet politicians from all parties, businesses, community groups and individuals across Lichfield continue to look the other way.

  18. I’m not from Lichfield, so luckily do not have Mr Fabricant as my MP. If he did not fully grasp the true insulting nature of the word “monger” in respect to its horrid use pertaining to people with Down’s syndrome, then why does he not apologise properly and delete the tweet? Surely now he realises, he is honour bound to do this. Otherwise, he’s allowing this horrible slur to be used unchecked by the disgusting individuals, not initially him, who coined it on Twitter

  19. “I admit, I really miss how things used to be. But I also admit, that I’ve accepted the fact that things changed.”

    Kylie Jenner said that and I think all those defending the MP’s comments represent an “old way” of thinking. I realise they probably miss those “old days”, but life and society has moved on and they have to noww accept that things have changed so they should change their out of date beliefs and attitudes.

    I have a close friend in Burntwood who has been subjected to the most vile of abuse just because he is different. There is no excuse for that type of behaviour.
    I am sure he would be horrified that someone he respects would use such terms and not apologise for the distress they cause.

  20. Sorry Bill but the word “Remonger” or even the word “monger” referred to by others does not come up with anything on Google.

    Of course I know of the offensive, in this context, word “Mongol” that was used when I was growing up but fortunately have not heard it for many years but that was not the word in question.

    If the word “Remonger” is related to people with Down Syndrome and so causes offence or hurt then of course it should not be used not that I will ever use it – about anything.

  21. Ignorance is not a defence, and never has been. It is however, a basis in which to build a very lucrative career as an MP.

  22. Sorry, Steve, you’re wrong on two fronts: first, on the use of the offensive term to bastardise an insult to Remainers and, secondly, to come to any sort of defence of this offensive man and his indefensible comments. (In case anyone doesn’t know, he’s my husband )

  23. Dale – Levelling has done lots of things.

    Pay freeze for firefighters, police and teachers is high wage economy.

    Increasing national insurance by 10% is low tax economy.

    Planning to spend £12 – £20 billion on refurbishing the Palace of Westminster is £3.6 billion to level up our towns.

    Brexit is a success.

    What next? Increasing the chocolate ration from from 80g to 50g?

    £100 billion or more on HS2 and £4.2 billion on improving local bus and rail services.

    A whole lot of levelling up going on.

  24. This appalling example of humanity has proved time and again that he is either utterly ignorant of a plethora of words and terminologies, or he knows full well their etymology and meaning and is that much of a coward he has to hide behind feigned ignorance.

    In short, totally lacking integrity, honesty, decency and shame. As per the Tory playbook. What on earth has the UK become if these are qualities expected of our elected representatives…

  25. I’m really confused Steve Norman about why you didn’t notice why the four letters had been added to Remainer. You won’t find it in a search because it isn’t a term…The letters were changed to suggest the people who voted that way were, well, you know. Read the twitter exchange and you’ll see some of the other phrases suggested by the people Fabricant conversed with. They all use derogatory terms heard in playgrounds 30 or 40 years ago to indicate people with learning difficulties.

  26. Fabricant cares nothing for people with learning disabilities. He was the only candidate in a General Election who would not find time to meet a Lichfield based group for Adults with learning disabilities who were researching before voting.
    He had been told how disrespectful the M word is so he ought to apologise.

  27. Politics aside, how on Earth has this man managed to repeatedly keep his position?? It’s not the first one he’s made offensive and inflammatory remarks? His defence appears to be that he isn’t a typical MP, and is a bit of a maverick so says things off the cuff. Is that a defence?!

    We’ve had far too much of this man tainting Lichfield with his silly, hurtful, ill thought-out comments. Can you imagine his reaction if someone said something that genuinely affected him, like a homophobic slur?? He’d be jumping up and down, pleading for sympathy and attention. It’s ok for him to say offensive things though….

    Please Lichfield, can we get rid? I’m tired of people making fun of Lichfield, because if him. I don’t care if it’s another Tory……just anyone rather than this tedious man-child.

  28. I’m disappointed by some of the more reasonable Tory Cllrs here like Doug Pullen, Wai Lee Ho and Thomas Loughborough Rudd, all of you have children and none of you have said anything about the MPs latest Twitter debacle.
    It was the father of a child with Downs Syndrome who called for an apology from the MP.
    I ask you how you would feel as a father if this affected your families?
    Please distance yourselves from this language there’s no place for it at all.

  29. Well Glen he gets his inspiration from his leader who thinks it credible to do a stand up comic act at his parties convention instead of addressing the serious situation we are all in. Not that I think ether of them have statesman qualities.
    Sadly, not only are we in major difficulties on many issues but there is a dearth of intelligent politicians to address them. Narcissists, self servers and parasites we have in plenty. It serves us right! With apologies to the few altruists who managed to soldier on regardless.

  30. We shall see what all the Cllrs do in the future regarding the comments as and when they do it.
    They may be trying to assess the situation and deal with their own lifes too.

  31. Amanda Woolley – is that the official line of the councillors? Are you their PR guru?

    I ask because a look at social media of those councillors named would suggest that “dealing with their lives” involves cooking a slow roast dinner, watching a boxing bout and enjoying a romantic day out at Chacewater.

    I’d also ask how much time they need to consider the details of a very straight-forward issue? Its not as if they are being asked to solve Friarsgate overnight.

  32. I see Mr Fabricant is on twitter this morning praising the police for threatening to arrest a woman wearing a F**K BORIS T shirt. He does not appear to have noticed that this story is over a year old and the police have since apologised for their unlawful behaviour in this case. Presumably Mr Fabricant is willing to have his offensive SM posts examined by the police and be arrested in like fashion, otherwise he would be open to criticism and charges of hypocrisy.
    His repeated defence that he doesn’t understand the meaning of words, or didn’t look properly before retweeting is pathetic. The man is an embarrassment to the city.

  33. A despicable man who is so ‘intelligent’ he never thinks to find out what this and other equally derogatory remarks he’s used or re-tweeted mean before commenting on social media and then he’s got the gall to plead ignorance. Well, it’s no defence. The Tories out there got what they voted for but hopefully if he stands again they will think twice before foisting this man once again on the good citizens of Lichfield & District for another 4 years but I don’t hold out any hope.

  34. Never been a fan of Twitter. To me, a tweet is a meaningless sound made by a simple creature, but there you go. Considering how much offence this man has clearly caused I would have thought a simple apology was called for, and he is digging himself deeper into the mire by delaying.

  35. In reference to one of the above comments I once had a mate post all his cheerful holiday pics up and it looked like he had a great time. It wasnt until a week after he got back that i learnt that he’d spent most of the days sad and crying. A photo or 2 shows a small happy moment of a day but not the whole day. We can not diss our MP for being a fool when we all gang up on him. Social media is often a false method of communication. Indeed michael’s tweet was an example of this with the lack of time given before responding. I hope he will reflect on this.

  36. I’m really annoyed about this because, first of all Fabricant sees himself as socially liberal and yet uses decades-old tropes for click bait. Not so socially-liberal mocking disabled people and suggesting anyone voting against brexit was disabled. However you voted, that’s a disgrace from your MP.
    I’m also disappointed in his local Councillors who usually show all the signs of being ‘modern, thinking, respectful people’ yet this has shocked them into nothingness. There’s nothing to discuss here, these councillors know that, they just need to say publically that it was unacceptable, I’m really saddened by their lack of comment.
    Finally, this person has form for Twitter embarrassment and shame and that apparently continues. He professes to support free speech yet tries to close down a woman expressing her free speech over a year ago when the police said they were wrong. (Tee-shirt gate). (his Twitter today).
    Where are our local politicians calling out this disgusting language? Nowhere, I’m truly disappointed and although not a Tory voter always have had some respect for Doug Pullen, Tom loughbrough Rudd etc, they’ve shown support for the disabled/ those less fortunate financially, support mental health awareness etc. I really am disappointed in them on this.

  37. I don’t hold out any hope for an apology. How can somebody one day be praising volunteers for their work with learning disabilities and then retweet something which is offensive to them? The real Fabricant can be found on Twitter and is a nasty and embittered man. Thank you Lichfield Live for publishing his response on this one so that those who do not use Twitter can properly see for themselves what he is like.

  38. ++++++Hot News++++++

    Fabricant has announced his decision to retire on Twitter only to delete the tweet as did not know what it meant.

    Oh well, we can only hope .

    If we persuade 10% of the electorate to agree to the proposal, we can unseat him via legal means. Anyone interested in deposing this MP?

    Where are our Tory Councillors on his comments?? Silence implies that you agree with his thoughts.

  39. Michael Souris – Afraid not, recall petitions can only be made under under certain circumstances.

    The first recall condition is that—
    (a)the MP has, after becoming an MP, been convicted in the United Kingdom of an offence and sentenced or ordered to be imprisoned or detained, and
    (b)the appeal period expires without the conviction, sentence or order having being overturned on appeal.

    The second recall condition is that, following on from a report from the Committee on Standards in relation to the MP, the House of Commons orders the suspension of the MP from the service of the House for a specified period of the requisite length

    (a)the MP has, after becoming an MP, been convicted of an offence under section 10 of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 (offence of providing false or misleading information for allowances claims), and
    (b)the appeal period expires without the conviction having been overturned on appeal.

    There is no ‘purchaser’s remorse’ clause.

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