Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Michael Fabricant will stand once again for the Conservatives in Lichfield at the next General Election.

The MP confirmed to Lichfield Live that he had been re-selected by the party locally.

No date has yet been set for the General Election, although recent national reports have suggested it could be called towards the end of 2024.

The confirmation will mean the Conservative MP will look to retain the Lichfield constituency seat he has held since 1997.

Click below to see the total votes cast and the breakdown of voting for the Lichfield constituency at each General Election since 1997:

Chart showcasing how Lichfield constituency has voted since the 1997 election

Mr Fabricant had previously held the Mid-Staffordshire seat since 1992 before the new Parliamentary boundaries were introduced to create the current constituency.

He told Lichfield Live:

“It was such an honour to be reselected to stand for Lichfield constituency which includes Burntwood and surrounding villages a few weeks’ back.

“It’s such a beautiful area and lovely people to deal with. I am always proud to mention the area in Parliament and promote Lichfield and Burntwood to the wider British public as a wonderful place to visit, live, and work.”

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant also paid tribute to the local Conservative Association chairman, Jim McKinven, following his death.

“I was deeply upset by the sudden and unexpected death of my association chairman who was a close neighbour and friend. My thoughts are with his wife and family.”

Michael Fabricant

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Steven Norman
1 year ago

This needs checking out. His own website doesn’t mention that he is a Conservative MP so maybe some of the Conservative electorate in the Lichfield Conservative Association thought they were voting only for a local Conservative?

1 year ago

Ah well – there goes my vote. I refuse to vote for this man again; an apologist for law breaking and corruption.

John Allen
1 year ago

The tone deaf Tories strike again.

1 year ago

@ Steve Norman. Sitting MPs don’t go to the full association unless something called an exec/the exec deselect them from what I have read online re stafford. It seems Fabbo has the local Cons in his pocket.

1 year ago

We won’t be voting for him.
As The Who’s song goes…..
‘Won’t get fooled again’!

1 year ago

I bet a certain Local Conservatives candidate for Chadsmead is over the moon about this news.

1 year ago

I won’t vote for him either (and I usually vote Tory). Lazy, useless and not influential at all.

1 year ago

I hope reform have a candidate

R Chapman
1 year ago

The usual suspects with their anti-Tory rhetoric. They’ll cry more when he further increases his huge majority as he has done in every General Election.

Mark Taylor
1 year ago

Lichfield deserves better.

Lich Blues
1 year ago

As it stands Mr Fabricant shall be re-lected.

I have no idea why the Lib Dems do not get behind Labour as his nearest challenger and get rid.

This should be replicated across the country where the nearest challenger is backed to unseat the sitting Tory.

Alas it won’t so MPs shall be able to keep their seats and damn fine salary as long as they choose.

1 year ago

R Chapman – Glad you agree with us that the effective and persuasive writing is hitting home. Thank you for praising the quality of our comments.

1 year ago

Confirmed as candidate.Why?

1 year ago

A prime example of why we desperately need voting reform to get rid of safe seats like Lichfield and make votes matter.

On the positive side, I didn’t realise how close the vote was in 1997 here. With the Tories languishing in the polls, it’s possible that with turnout from disaffected citizens and some tactical voting, it could be curtains for this joker!

Clare Charles
1 year ago

Is it worth doing a poll of all Conservative candidates for May 4 to see what they think of this decision? Or maybe it is just one of their candidates in Chadsmead who think it was time forto ditch Mr Fabricant and that #EnoughisEnoughLichfield

Sensible Sarah
1 year ago

I gather it was a close-run vote but the old-timers prevailed and he is back in. Remains to be seen whether the your local Conservative candidates want him back as the ones I have spoken to want him gone.

1 year ago

I do think our ‘Local Conservatives’, who of course are completely and totally different from those naughty Westminster Conservatives, would have been better served if this announcement had come after 4 May; though Mr Fabricant seems to have removed almost all mentions of the Conservative Party on his website, so perhaps he’s similarly embarrassed by the association with the national party.

Simon Partridge
1 year ago

Well, his re-selection would appear to lay to rest any argument that the “Local” label we’re hearing so much in this election is an attempt by Conservative candidates to distance themselves from the national party. It’s looks like business as usual at Tory HQ in Lichfield.

Are these “Local” Conservatives happy to see people in Lichfield suffer a continuation of rising food and fuel prices? Do they want even more raw sewage pumped into our rivers? Are they desperate to push food bank use in Lichfield to further record-breaking levels? If not then why give the nod to someone who has so slavishly supported this government and its cruel, callous policies?

If “Local” Conservatives really care about the people of Lichfield couldn’t they have demonstrated that concern by showing Michael Fabricant the door? Why would they choose not to do that? Answers on a ballot paper, please.

None Benifit
1 year ago

Its a bit desperate is it not that the Conservatives can not find a better candidate that this showmsn.
What an own goal
Up the Road in Tamworth they have had a lame duck too taking his pay and representing himself.
Whats wrong with these people, its the reform candidate for me.

None Benifit
1 year ago

Westminster needs a cull by at least 200 seats and the Upper house to be reformed, how ever the 650 turkeys failed in mainstream life will not vote for Christmas we are stuck with the bloated system

graham dexter
1 year ago

I have like so many others always voted for the conservatives but not for him this time the people of Lichfield deserve better and I cannot believe he is the only choice the local party has very sad really and I also think we should have less m p’s and a smaller house of lord’s

1 year ago

Crikey! Can someone at the local party association confirm whether there is some sort of performance management process employed in arriving at this decision? As far as I can tell, all he’s done is get a lift installed at Trent Valley and asked a question in the HoC about the MIU in Tywyn!

1 year ago

What a shame. I was really hoping for a new Conservative candidate, as I won’t vote for this joker again.

Question is – who do I vote for now?!

Chris McGranaghan
1 year ago

Needless to say that I certainly won’t be voting for this utterly useful “local” MP.

1 year ago

I cannot vote for Mr Fabricant any more – his views get more extreme and in my opinion he is the worst advertisement for Lichfield there is. Get real local Conservative Party.

Paul Woolley
1 year ago

I won’t be voting for this man nor for any Tory candidate come to that. To my way of thinking a constituency MP should at least have sone concern & commitment to their constituents-Mr Fabricant doesn’t even hold a constituent surgeries locally. So arrogant it seems is he that his seat is reassured! I rang his office & was told by one of his secretaries that he doesn’t hold surgeries! How odd! Mr Fabricant is way out of touch with his constituents .

1 year ago

It seems that generally naysayers are the only group who complain about the performance of MPs. Did any of them watch Lichfield’s MP ask why he thought HS2 was a bad thing? Did they see him ask for extra help for food Bank users in the house of commons? I bet they didn’t .He’s eccentric but caring for a community is what he’s about. He will get my vote as a human being.