Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

Deciding which events civic leaders at Lichfield District Council should attend could be made via a points system in future.

The local authority currently uses a matrix of ten criteria to make a call on visits made by the chair and deputy chair.

But a task group of councillors has now suggested moving to a new system.

A report to a meeting of the overview and scrutiny said a task group had backed the change.

“Members unanimously agreed that a points-based system for determining events would be preferable rather than the existing matrix. They hoped this would produce a ‘common sense approach’.

“The task group stated that if an event invite does not meet the necessary threshold of points for an invitation to be accepted with Lichfield District Council support, event organisers would still be welcome to invite the chair to their event. This subsequent invitation would be without the financial or resource support of the council and the chair would be attending through their own means.

“An event where the chair chooses to attend under their own justification and volition, would not be supported by resources and use of the car not approved.”

Task group report

The task group suggested certain events, including royal visits and remembrance services, should qualify for attendance by the civic leads regardless of the scoring system.

It also recommended merging the chair and vice-chair budgets.

“Members concluded it was appropriate to have a budget for clothing, though they believed that there should be a maximum appropriate level set. A limit of £200 was suggested.

“This limit should be the same for all chairs, regardless of gender.”

Task group report

The report will be discussed at a meeting of the council’s overview and scrutiny committee meeting on 3rd April.

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