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Retailer rules out taking on former Woolworths store in Lichfield

The Woolworths store in Lichfield. Pic: Rachel Groves

The Woolworths store in Lichfield. Pic: Rachel Groves

Discount retailer Home Bargains has ruled out taking on the former Woolworths store in Lichfield – but admitted they are keen to open in the city.

The company have already taken on 14 former Woolworths premises, including one in Tamworth.

But a Home Bargains spokesman confirmed that the Market Street site in Lichfield had been ruled out due to the length of the lease available. He explained:

“The landlord is currently only looking at a temporary five year letting pending redevelopment. Home Bargains are not a temporary retailer.”

Several of the Woolworths sites have been taken on by various retailers across the country since the company went bust, but the Lichfield site still stands empty, despite reported interest from clothing store Primark.

But despite ruling out the former Lichfield Woolworths, Home Bargains have confirmed the city as an area they are keen to move into. The spokesperson added:

“Lichfield is certainly on our target list and as such we hope to serve the people of Lichfield sooner or later.”

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  1. maria nickells

    15th August, 2009 at 10:15 am

    dear all, i am the owner of TAMWORTH TOOLBOX LTD we are on market street in tamworth,as many of you no us as you have to visit tamworth because you hav;nt a hardware shop in your city,we are looking to expand our bussiness and open another one maybe to other shops,we have looked at lichfield and could anyone tell me why the rats are very very high,you would think the council would want to encourage more business in there struggerling town.

  2. BrownhillsBob

    15th August, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    The rats are very, very high because Lichfield, being an old cathedral city, was allowed to breed a specialist religious strain of rattus norvegicus in the 16th century – hunting them with trained gargoyles using apprentice vergers as retrievers was well documented throughout the Georgian period. Inevitably, some escaped and consequently, since the ban on hunting rodents with creatures of stone ornamentation bill of 1893, the activity has been driven underground and now is only practised by minor bishops during the dark winter hours. This is hopelessly inadequate for controlling their numbers, and emboldened by the lack of predation, they now wander the streets in the early evening, crawling from hostelry to hostelry vomiting, engaing in mating displays and fighting.
    The city council held a meeting last week and plans have been hatched to round them up and release the creatures back into the wild, somewhere like Glascote or Boldmere…

  3. Tax Payer

    15th August, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    The rates are high because the powers that be like to waste money.
    Look at the city centre paving it is still being repaired after how many tries!
    That was a £million plus and still they have not got it finished – I dare not mention how many years it is taking!
    Then we have that bottomless pit called the Garrick with its mate possibly even more hungry for cash – the cinema!
    We should mention moving the,comparatively new, police station as another waste of cash and who,except our council,would put it so far away from the public.

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