parkingticket2EXCLUSIVE: Lichfield and Burntwood’s parking ticket hotspots have been revealed.

Since the introduction of APCOA parking wardens in March, 3,300 parking tickets have been issued to drivers across the region – meaning almost 23 tickets are handed out every day.

And now a breakdown of figures has highlighted exactly where wardens have been catching drivers.

In the period April 1 to August 24 this year, 2,167 tickets were issued by wardens in Lichfield District Council car parks for offences including parking outside a designated bay and parking at a bus stop, with the remainder being dished out for on-street parking misdemeanours.

The figures also show that 295 people have been ticketed for parking in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge.

The introduction of the wardens has proved controversial, but the figures show nuisance parkers are being caught, particularly in Lichfield city centre.

Bird Street car park is where the most tickets have been issued (514), while 222 drivers have returned to a ticket on Bore Street.

Our map below highlights the full range of hotspots for parking tickets.

Parking hotspots in a larger map

Full list of tickets by location:

  • Back Lane 5
  • Backester Lane 51
  • Bakers Lane 1
  • Beacon Street 5
  • Bird Street 24
  • Birmingham Road 5
  • Bore Street 222
  • Breadmarket Street 4
  • Brownsfield Road 1
  • Burnett Road 3
  • Cannock Road 1
  • Castle Dyke 11
  • Cherry Orchard 1
  • Conduit Street 47
  • Cross Keys 7
  • Dam Street 9
  • Davidson Road 2
  • Aiden Court Road 65
  • Eastern Avenue 1
  • Frog Lane 53
  • George Lane 3
  • High Street (Chasetown) 7
  • Leslie Road 1
  • Levetts Field 2
  • Lomax Close 1
  • Lombard Street 29
  • Lower Sandford Street 18
  • Market Street 52
  • Maxwell Close 1
  • Milestone Way 1
  • Oakhurst 1
  • Plant Lane 6
  • Queen Street 10
  • Rotten Row 2
  • Sandford Street 55
  • Sandford Street (access road to car park) 2
  • Southern Cross 1
  • St John Street 4
  • Stafford Road 1
  • Station Road 2
  • Stowe Road 56
  • Stowe Street 3
  • Tamworth Road (Fazeley) 2
  • Tamworth Road 1
  • Tamworth Street 202
  • Wade Street 140
  • Walsall Road 12
  • Levits Field Multi-Storey 270
  • Friary Outer Car Park 58
  • Friary Inner Car Park 196
  • Sandford Street Car Park 52
  • Bird Street Car Park 514
  • Lombard Street Car Park 294
  • Redcourt Car Park 92
  • Greenhill Car Park 19
  • Gresley Row Car Park 63
  • Backcester Upper Car Park 16
  • Backcester Middle Car Park 101
  • Backcester Lower Car Park 31
  • Bus Station Car Park 22
  • Bus Station Coach Park 3
  • Birmingham Road Car Park 24
  • Council House Car Park 5
  • University East Car Park 61
  • University West Car Park 53
  • Bunkers Hill Car Park 86
  • Shaw Lane Car Park 60
  • Greenhough Road Car Park 146
  • High Street Car Park (Chasetown) 1

Full list of tickets by offence:

  • Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours 418
  • Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force 58
  • Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit 6
  • Parked in a suspended bay or space or part of bay or space 5
  • Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space 11
  • Parked in a loading place during restricted hours without loading 5
  • Parked in a special enforcement area more than 50 cm from the edge of the carriageway and not within a designated parking place 1
  • Parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped footway 3
  • Parked for longer than permitted 311
  • Parked in a designated disabled person’s parking place without displaying a valid disabled person’s badge in the prescribed manner 295
  • Stopped on a restricted bus stop or stand 1
  • A heavy commercial vehicle wholly or partly parked on a footway, verge or land between two carriageways 4
  • Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway 41
  • Parked in a loading area during restricted hours without reasonable excuse  1
  • Parked for longer than the maximum period permitted 2
  • Parked in a restricted area in a car park 6
  • Parked after the expiry of paid for time 751
  • Parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher or parking clock 1,253
  • Parked with additional payment made to extend the stay beyond time first purchased 4
  • Parked in a permit bay without clearly displaying a valid permit 3
  • Parked beyond the bay markings 64
  • Parked in a designated disabled person’s parking place without displaying a valid disabled person’s badge in the prescribed manner 55
  • Stopped on a pedestrian crossing or crossing area marked by zigzags 1


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  1. I was going to say what Phil said. Parking around Bowling Green Island and The Friary is ridiculous given the amount of traffic at all times of the day. I noticed that parking restrictions have been put on Friary Avenue, so why didn’t they extend them to The Friary?

  2. Rule 243 of the highway code states “DO NOT stop or park… opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space [or] opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle [or] on a bend”

    All three of these apply to the parked cars at the bowling green island, so why have no parking tickets been issued? I’m gonna go be a ‘busy body’ and write to the council… should be fun.

  3. @Ian lol :)

    Here’s the letter (e-mail actually, thanks to I just sent off…

    “Dear Michael Fryers and Marion Bland,

    I was disappointed to see a post on The Lichfield Blog (see web address below) which showed that since APCOA wardens have been patrolling the district no parking tickets have been issued to cars parked around the bowling green island on The Friary.

    Having checked my copy of the highway code, it clearly states, “DO NOT stop or park… opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space [or] opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle [or] on a bend” (rule #243).

    Each of these three points applies to the cars parked around the bowling green island. One commenter on The Lichfield Blog’s previous post about the parking in this area (see web address below) said she has nearly collided with the parked cars. I have also been in this situation myself, including as a passenger.

    Why is it that no parking tickets have been issued on these cars that are so dangerously parked?

    Yours sincerely,

    Philip John”

  4. Nice one Phil.
    Now, who do you write to about school run mums and dads displaying “Child on Board” stickers who stop on crossings to deposit their child, or mount pavements as they’re too impatent to wait at junctions?

  5. Day to day i encounter many problems with inconsiderate parking around lichfield.

    I’m aware a large number of these tickets have been issued for occurrences such as displaying a blue badge the wrong way (as in text upside down rather than text side against the dash) and occurences such as driver error where the white lines of bays are gone over (in a disabled bay this is rather trivial considering how wide they are). Also the unmarked loading bay almost opposite wilkinsons had caught out many.

    I’m all for fining those who flought the law – perhaps more serious punishment could be found for ‘repeat offenders’ – or ticketing may not ever affect those who don’t give a damn if they have a reasonable income.

    Is there any evidence this ticketing is reducing parking offences or is it merely a cash cow?

    Given the ever decreasing number of parking spaces in Lichfield either parking offences will go up. . . or the numbers of shoppers will go down.

  6. I’ve had a response from Cllr Marion Bland this morning acknowledging that it’s a huge problem and promising to make enquiries and get back to me. I will of course come back here with updates.

  7. I think “Unconcerned Citizen” raises some valid points, such as issuing tickets for displaying a blue badge the wrong way.
    The blue badge guidelines are clear (I use a blue badge) and these motorists are committing a technical offence, but there are far more blatant offences including some which could potentially pose a safety threat that go unpunished.
    It does suggest soft targets are being prioritised and opens up those responsible for parking enforcement to accusations they are merely looking to make as much dosh as possible.
    Perhaps this is something Cllr Bland et al might also like to comment on?

  8. Is woolworth carpark (i read bird street car pak – dunno) in the councils ever scoping sights for re-development?
    The first time i read about this its reason was to counterbalance the Friars gate development.
    More recently i have read the reason being its an eyesore.

    But – it means less parking spaces and more parking tickets.
    Win Win Win ! ! !

  9. Well – without going off on a tangent here i’ve commented on the old woolies article.
    Its difficult to stay on topic really.
    I think building on a carpark as it is unsightly is silly – or at least a poor justification.
    The bird street development was meant to be a counter balance to friars gate (which still hasn’t happened)
    So what on earth are the council on about? Same plan for a different reason really make me suspicious.
    Well – until another section of the multistorey falls down its business as usual. (theres a fair few spaces coned off on the first floor now.)

    I read recently in council meeting minutes that they are considering a barrier entry system to the town centre.
    This is sort of unworkable – example…
    Car driver goes to pick up a Blue badge holder – man on intercom says “sorry you have to have a blue badge to get in”
    Car driver “but its my mother – and her sister dropped her in and ” etc etc etc…
    Of course security officers could rely on drivers being trustworthy but this really would make the barrier quite pointless.

  10. Responses from Councillors Terry Finn and Marion Bland on new parking restrictions around The Friary: //

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