carparksignSafety fears have forced the closure of Lichfield’s multi-storey car park.

A  survey has revealed “deterioration” of the structure has increased, leaving Lichfield District Council with no option but to close the Birmingham Road site.

There is no indication as to how long the closure will last, with a council spokesperson confirming only that the closure “may be temporary”.

Shutting a key city centre car park in the busy pre-Christmas period is far from ideal, but the council have insisted that safety must come first.

Councillor David Smith, Leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“With Christmas shopping in full swing, it is a really unfortunate time of year to close one of our main city car parks. However, our primary concern has to be people’s safety. Because of this, we have had no choice but to close the multi-storey.

“We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this will cause shoppers and traders. However, we are making some changes to other city car parks which will mean shoppers and visitors should still be able to find somewhere central to park.”

The car park had been earmarked for work to widen the spaces following feedback from drivers.

But with the closure of the multi-storey while further structural surveys are carried out, the council have been forced to make changes to their parking provision.

Ruth Plant, Director of Operational Services, added:

“It’s quite normal for a car park of its age and construction to deteriorate slowly over time, so we carry out regular structural surveys to ensure it remains safe. Our recent expert survey has shown that the rate of deterioration has increased recently, so we have closed the car park before it becomes unsafe.

“We monitor the number of cars in our car parks on a weekly basis. Using figures from last week, which was an incredibly busy time of year as it included the Christmas Lights switch on and late night shopping evening, we are confident that by making some small changes to nearby car parks, shoppers and visitors won’t struggle to park centrally.

“We will be changing the lower level of Lombard Street car park to short-stay at weekends. The District Council House car park, on Frog Lane, will also be open from 6.30 every night for free, over the festive period, which will be ideal for theatre customers, late night shoppers and people visiting the city at night. We will keep the situation under close review and will be working with our partners over the coming days to explore other local central parking.”

The news also means that the shop-mobility service will need to find a new home while the car park’s safety is assessed further. Arrangements are currently being made to identify new premises.


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4 replies on “Safety fears lead to closure of Lichfield’s multi-storey car park”

  1. This doesn’t really make any sense….
    Widening the bays was planned and carried out from november 30th to 3rd of december (today)
    A recent expert survey has shown an increase in deterioration – thus deciding to close the carpark…
    Midday while its full of cars???

    Perhaps it was discovered to be unsafe today and David Smith and Ruth Plant are attempting to….

    Paper over the cracks.

  2. The car park has been at the end of its useful life for a couple of years now, and was due to be pulled down. Since then, it has had regular safety inspections, and probably a routine inspection has revealed the worst.

  3. The last inspection was weeks ago, it involved test bores being drilled, these can still be seen. I would guess the council planned and started the bay widening before the results of this were back. Now the results are back, the widening has stopped and the car park is closed.

    The other possibility of course is that this closure is connected with Friars Gate. Doubtful but the council should put the inspection report on line asap. We paid for it, lets see it.

  4. Talk about the left hand not knowing what right hand is doing. I would say this is just the council inflicting as much chaos and disruption for motorist and shoppers as they can in the run up to Christmas.

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