Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

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Lichfield’s MP has hit out at claims HS2 is being built on the orders of the European Union. The controversial high speed rail route moved a step closer after a series of Judicial Reviews went the Government’s way, with only a rerun of the consultation on compensation deemed necessary.
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
However, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has blasted claims that the scheme was being forced through as part of the TEN-T scheme, which aims to improve transport infrastructure across Europe. West Midlands UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass had said his party was the only one “listening to the people and standing up for Britain by saying no to the EU-inspired HS2”. But Mr Fabricant insisted any fight against HS2 needed to be founded on solid evidence. “I am no supporter of HS2 as it carves a devastating route through Staffordshire,” he said. “But when I heard that UKIP are claiming that HS2 is being constructed under orders from Brussels as a consequence of the TEN-T directive, I just had to check this out as it just didn’t ring true. “We need to use the correct approach to tackle the HS2 issue properly. So I contacted Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, who was as surprised as me to hear these wild claims.” Mr McLoughlin responded by suggesting UKIP were “misleading people” and denied suggestions the EU was the real driving force behind high speed rail. Lichfield’s MP added: “If we are to deal effectively with HS2 in our area by getting the route changed, maximising compensation and mitigating the effects of the line, the EU is not the way as they are irrelevant in this particular matter. “The matter must be fought hard in Parliament, in Whitehall and with HS2 themselves. It is deceitful and misleading to suggest otherwise.”

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One reply on “Lichfield MP slams claim European Union is behind HS2 plans”

  1. Yet again Michael Fabricant speaks with forked tongue on the subject of HS2. As Deputy Chairman of the Tory party he will vote with the government whose policy
    is to support this very expensive european project, as is both Labour and Lib Dems. Michael puts his career prospects ahead of his concern for the residents of Staffordshire.

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