The site of the proposed development off Watery Lane

Plans for 750 new homes in Lichfield have been unveiled.

The site of the proposed development off Watery Lane

Land off Watery Lane in Curborough has been earmarked for the development, which would also include a primary school and community hub near the existing antiques and craft centre.

IM Properties has embarked on an initial consultation with residents and businesses in the area ahead of a formal planning application to Lichfield District Council in July.

But locals have already criticised the proposals, warning they would overwhelm and transform the character of the area for good.

“It seemed evident that little consideration has been included of the impact on the Watery Lane traffic, which is already being used as a rat run,” said local resident Lorraine Longmore.

“Numerous accidents have occurred on this road and it is prone to flooding.

“The developers seemed shocked when I showed them photographic evidence of the recent flooding of the Craft Centre.

“As a resident, I feel this proposed plan would damage the countryside and wildlife, have a negative impact on the businesses in the area that thrive on it’s rural location and would increase the traffic on the already overused and unsafe Watery Lane.”

The developers say the scheme would help meet “a wide range of pressing housing needs in the area” with a care village also included in their initial proposals.

“I understand the need for housing but feel the planners are being unsympathetic to the area’s residents and businesses,” Lorraine added.

“We have plenty of wasteland around the area. Why build on agricultural land? I thought the need for farming land was important?”

Residents can view more details about the proposal and give feedback to the developer at


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4 replies on “Developer hoping to build 750 new homes on land in Lichfield”

  1. Jozef -They have given you the “red” treatment but where do they think the millions of “guests” live ? London is nearly full.

    The lane needs to be double its width .

  2. They obviously want there countryside built on to house immigrants then cynic. A lot are in MK, they’re building houses at an astonishing rate there. They never stop building, and I mean NEVER, although they have boxed themselves in on the east side now with Brooklands as they’ve not made proper access over the motorway towards Cranfield.
    New town are meant for big estates to house immigrants and displaced people from over priced la la land cities like London.

    We wouldn’t need anywhere near the amount of housing if it was just for locals. Atherstone has a small new estate planned, nuneaton has at least three major estates of over 55 houses planned, two on Weddington road which is our side and one Hinckley side just off the Long shoot. There’s that large new estate at Tamworth on the river, dunno if its been built yet, Now there’s this at Lichfield. Soon there’ll be no gap between Lichfield, Tamworth, Atherstone, Nuneaton and Hinckley, we’ll all be burbs of brum .

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