A Lichfield man had been fined after failing to clean up his dog’s mess.   After pleading guilty to a dog fouling offence at Stafford Magistrates’ Court, 65-year-old Peter Forrester, of Richmond Drive, was ordered to pay a fine and court costs.   The court heard how council officers saw Forrester failing to remove his dog’s mess in Darnford Park last November.   Lichfield District Council started court proceedings after Forrester failed to pay the £80 fixed penalty notice that he had been issued with following the incident.   The court fined him £80, ordered him to pay court costs of £500, and a victim surcharge of £20 – a total financial penalty of £600.   Councillor Colin Greatorex said: “We know that keeping our streets and parks free of litter and dogs’ mess is extremely important to our residents and visitors. “This case should remind all dog walkers that failing to clean up after your dog is an offence, and one that we take very seriously.”


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  1. It’s about time they clamped down on this. I always clean up after my dog, but people like this give all dog walkers a bad name.

  2. When I was younger you just watched where you sat and played football. I never see horse riders getting fined or cat owners

  3. Since horses don’t eat meat, their ordure is not a health hazard. Cats tend to bury theirs. Dog waste transmits toxacara.

  4. It would be far better to employ a good old fashioned Sargent Major to over see he (and others) cleaned up dog mess for 2 hours per day for a year.
    As it is the tax payer has already been forced to pay the £500 with the hope that some of it will be repaid less collection costs.

  5. *falls off chair* I actually agree with some of Cynic’s comment! Community clean-up service a good idea. And the fine tho, to cover costs.

  6. “Confused as to how ‘the tax-payer’ has been forced to pay the £500.”

    Who do you think has paid the overheads/wages of all involved?

    Also if you are interested – look at the amount of costs/fines that are paid and also see the £Ms of local tax not collected.

    “And the fine tho, to cover costs.” You make me look quite liberal (LOL)

  7. £500 to take a bloke to court for failing to pick up dog crap? cynic means we’ve paid it until he pays it back, if he pays it back, and if that pay back is paid without him being chased up, which at his age it is quite possible that he can’t afford to pay it.
    I’m not saying it’s wrong, these days people can buy the tools to clear up after a dog, bins are provided, we have hand cleaning anti bacterial gels so there’s no excuse. But I just wonder if there’s another way other than a £500 court case.
    500 pounds

  8. “Jozef Nakielski” – I think you know a bit about courts – so will probably agree with me the waste – incompetence – could not care less how much is spent – has to be seen to be believed.

  9. I totally agree with fining people for not cleaning up dog mess, even though £500 seems a bit steep to process someone. However, are they picking on the easy targets here, how much did the travellers get fined for cra***ing in the sandpits up Shorbutt’s park recently, and this was human waste not dog mess.
    Before people say “it has to be witnessed by an official”, well if you had an official up there for 1/2 hr, they could of witnessed many dog fouling incidents just like I did.

  10. ” However, are they picking on the easy targets ”

    Now lets see – a 65 yr old ticketed or a group of travellers able to do as they like – what makes you think “easy target”?

  11. £500 ? its a piddly amount compared to the cost of a childs eyesight.

    We don’t want dog poop everywhere.
    Put it in a bag, put it in a bin.

    If you don’t wanna do that, don’t have a dog.

  12. I know i recently felt committed to go all the way up to burnley to appear as a witness over a speeding fine that was for a third party, my boss filled the form in, sent it back and ended up in court for failing to provide details. The second time it has happened to him, last time he got 6 points and an 800 pound fine. This time he could have risked his license and his job. We waited all day, we got pushed back for the courts to see a guy who’d beaten his girlfriend up. Fair enough we agreed, thats more important than us and waited quietly. However the usher came out and said you’ll have to come back we haven’t got time to see you today. Turns out that they thought Atherstone was in Lancashire and we were just up the road.
    They DID fit us in, I did get called and he did get found not guilty.
    A total waste of public resources. So yes i Believe it because I’ve seen it.

    Yes it is wrong not to pick up dog waste but this doesn’t mean, even with the huge fine that he’s going to pick it up tonight. OR pay the court fine. I think it is the wrong way of going about it.

    Reminds of when NWBC decided to place staff in the town and use the towns CCTV cameras to fine people for dropping cigarette ends as they went into shops. Total waste of public resources that could only be covered by fining people for dropping a fag end. Only problem with that was there wasn’t anywhere to put it out other than the floor as the bins didn’t have stubber plates. I advised those people to plead not guilty when it went to court as there was no alternative and had put them out as close to the bin as possible.
    and no i don’t smoke and dislike the filthy habit same as i dislike treading in dog crap, but we have to use some common sense.

  13. Foxy… He hasn’t paid any of it yet and probably never will which means we will . Well you will. And it doesn’t stop him doing it again. You have to educate these people as to why they should pick it up and how.

  14. Peter Forrester was given the oportunity to pay a fixed penality notice of £80. When he failed to pay this the Council had no option but to take him to court. You would have to live in a box to reach the age age of 65 and not heard the educative message that you should pick up your dog faeces: There is no excuse and the council should be applauded for taking public health seriously.

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