A Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service engine

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New sprinklers are being installed in a block of flats in Lichfield. The work is being carried out after a link-up between Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Bromford Group at David Garrick Gardens on Bloomfield Crescent. Residents living in 63 flats were invited to an open day last month to learn more about how the new system will work. Sprinklers will be installed in every flat and on escape routes throughout the building. Fire Engineer Stuart Ruckledge said: “We are targeting these types of buildings as they are home to large numbers of people. “The sprinklers will help prevent a major fire and give the occupiers more time to get out of the building. They also enable us to get inside the property and locate the fire quickly reducing the risk to our occupants and firefighters.” The first sprinkler was fitted in one of the empty properties and residents were given the chance to see exactly the system in action. Mr Ruckledge added: “A lot of people are concerned that these sprinklers will go off when they are not needed and that they may even have the potential to flood a property. This is not the case, they are heat activated and will only go off when a fire occurs. In addition to this, only the sprinkler head required to control the fire will activate, not all of them. “It was fantastic to get the opportunity to explain how the sprinklers work and really get the residents on board. These systems are proven to save lives preventing an incident from becoming more serious.”


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