The site of the new retail development in Burntwood

Work is due to being on a new £15million retail development in Burntwood.

The site of the new retail development in Burntwood
The former Olaf Johnson site will be redeveloped with the first stages of the project to start in the coming weeks.

The Cannock Road site will be transformed into a 68.000sq ft retail park with nine units, a drive-thru restaurant facility and 300 car parking spaces.

Nick Burgess, managing director of commercial property investment firm LCP, said: “Putting these long-awaited plans into action signifies a very exciting start to 2018.

“We are looking forward to starting construction of this scheme, which will be a real boost for the Burntwood community and a significant investment for LCP.

“We’ve worked very closely with Lichfield District Council, Staffordshire County Council and Burntwood Town Council to ensure our plans match their vision for a retail scheme that adds to the town’s vibrancy and now we are looking forward to seeing the diggers on site.”

Work is expected to start in February, with an anticipated completion date at the end of 2019. Talks are underway with potential retailers for the site.

Councillor Ian Pritchard, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet member for economic growth, environment and development services, said: “This development will make such a difference to Burntwood.

“We worked hard behind the scenes to help free up the privately owned land so this important development could go ahead. We’re pleased to be working with LCP, who share our vision for improving Burntwood for the whole community, and we look forward to work starting on site in February and to seeing the exciting development take shape.”

Councillor Doug Pullen, Leader of Burntwood Town Council, added: “This is a significant investment in Burntwood by LCP which demonstrates their confidence in our town.

“There has been a huge amount of effort involved in getting this development up and running and I am extremely grateful to all those involved thus far.

“The additional retail and employment opportunities will be a boon for Burntwood and its residents; we look forward to work starting soon.”


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4 replies on “Work set to begin on new £15million retail development in Burntwood”

  1. Unlike Burntwood’s Health and Wellbeing needs this is something all councillors have been working for, and wanting, for years. Of course it is not public money that’s going to build it but private so local authority support has been limited but helpful to reduce barriers.

    Residents gave massive support for LCP’s larger planning application and a new Town Centre has been Burntwood’s priority under both Labour and Conservative administrations as well as in the Local Plan and the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.

    Let’s hope the car park can be a benefit wider than the immediate retail development.

  2. While I applaud the efforts to boost the local retail services I do wonder exactly what will become of the former centre of Chase Terrace, where there is little footfall of any kind at any time. I assume we will see the same arterial entry and exit from carparks as we do at Morrisons and Aldi. Having seen the contrast of retail splendour and locality blight in my home town of Oldham, I’m ambivalent about this to say the least.

  3. I’ve just joined the gym at the Leisure Centre in Burntwood. Great facilities, but sadly there’s some run-down / abandoned and badly-painted sheds with NHS signs in the car-park. Do any of the councillors know what these are supposed to be?

    Perhaps needs looking at, y’know..

  4. In fact as well as a bolt-on community centre to replace the Brendewood Suite planned by Labour councillors but stopped by the Tory administration at LDC the temporary NHS Heath and Wellbeing Centre won’t be there after September next year.

    This is because the Tory/LibDem coalition stopped funding the promised permanent replacement in 2010 and the MP has done nothing to support the project ever since. By the way the Conservative Town Council has not even lobbied anyone for at least 12 months so goodbye to the “sheds” and the health service it provides.

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