The former park keeper's cottage in Beacon Park. Pic: BSARA

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The former park keeper’s cottage in Beacon Park. Pic: BSARA
The former keeper’s cottage in Beacon Park could soon be put up for sale. Lichfield District Council initially planned to sell off the building in October, but Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association (BSARA) has a Community Asset Order on the park, meaning the group has been granted a six month discussion period to consider options for potentially buying the building before it is sold on the open market. The group will discuss the proposals and ramifications of the potential sale at an AGM at the Cathedral Hotel on March 21. In a statement, BSARA said: “We were able to invoke a six month moratorium to allow for exploration and clarification of all the implications this would have on the community. “At the moment we are still in discussions with Lichfield District Council and hope to be in a position to talk about it at the AGM, where we would also welcome opinions.” The council said the sale of the building, which it no longer needs, would allow for much needed funds to be freed up to meet demands elsewhere. Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet member for operational services, leisure and waste, said: “It is a modern building at the edge of the park. In its time it was used as a home for the park keeper and is currently being used as an office for some of our parks team. “However, it is no longer needed and is an asset we could look to realise to help meet future funding needs. “As Beacon Park is well equipped – with the Discovery Hub for community events, Swinfen Broun Pavilion where our parks team is based, the Ranger Station for park enquiries, and the community garden and grounds maintenance area – we have enough buildings to meet the needs of everyone using Beacon Park. “We know how much our local community value Beacon Park, and we have consulted with BSARA for six months and involved the Friends of Lichfield Historic Parks, assuring both groups that access and parking restrictions have been assessed and relevant controls and measures will be put in place and monitored. “We have also stressed that we will have a tight control over any possible applications for development of the building or a change of use.” Cllr Eadie said he expects the property to be used for residential purposes. “The cottage could make a very nice family home and would most likely see money invested into the building and garden to make it more attractive,” he said. “We believe the sale of the cottage offers a unique opportunity to bring a property back into being a home for a local family. “It is also a way forward that will ultimately benefit local residents as we will be turning an asset that’s no longer needed into money we can use to help meet some of our funding shortfall.”


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