An artist's impression of HS2

Councillors in Lichfield are calling for a halt to all HS2 works in the area until a final green light for the main construction is given the go-ahead.

An artist’s impression of HS2

The future of the controversial high speed rail line has been called into question, with Conservative MP Michael Fabricant saying it wasn’t too late to axe the scheme altogether.

And now councillors have unanimously backed a motion calling for a pause until the green light is given for the main construction works.

Cllr Alan White

The motion from Cllr Alan White was delivered at the annual meeting of Lichfield District Council. He said: “This council proposes that the leader should write to Government to request that all enabling works for HS2 in Lichfield district should be paused until the notice to proceed to main works contractors has been approved.

“As required by the Department of Transport, notice to proceed should not be given until management capability, affordability of contracts and robustness of a revised business case have all been proven.

“We see no reason why the district should suffer significant disruption and long term environmental destruction until detailed design and cost has been approved.

“We also ask that HS2 Ltd significantly improves the effectiveness of its community engagement with those impacted by the line.”

The motion was seconded by Cllr White’s Conservative colleague, Cllr Richard Cox, who said he remained hopeful the plug would be pulled on the scheme altogether.

“Our district is currently seeing destruction of our countryside which is vandalism especially if – and hopefully when – HS2 is finally scrapped.”

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3 replies on “Councillors call for halt on HS2 enabling work in Lichfield until green light for main construction is given”

  1. “The destruction of our countryside”? Are you taking the proverbial?? Since when have conservative councillors been concerned with preserving the countryside? Have you seen how many housing developments are currently underway in Lichfield…almost all of them being built in what was “countryside”?. The only difference is – HS2 isn’t paying the council for the land, whereas housing developers do pay the council. Do you think we’re stupid?

  2. The M6 Toll is 8 lanes wide. The people in the 25 cars that travel on it hourly could probably fit in one train carriage.

    Sorry but as someone who uses Lichfield Trent Valley, people living close to HS2 will only have to worry about a soft “swoosh” noise every 20 minutes or so. Not an endless stream of cars on a motorway.

    It’s a train track, with ultra-fast trains that’ll have shot past before you can even put your tea down to look at them.

  3. It’s Roads not Railways that are the problem; with the health risks posed by particulates from Diesel powered vehicles and the environmental impact of increased road traffic. I’d rather have a Railway to somewhere than a Road to Nowhere that is the ‘Southern Bypass’..

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