Season ticket holders are being warned that changes will mean two city centre car parks can no longer be used from next month.

The Backcester Lane car park. Picture: Google Streetview

The Backcester Lane and Gresley Row facilities will be operated by Three Spires Shopping Centre from 1st March.

It means city centre car park season ticket holders will need to use alternative car parks.

Lichfield District Council has managed the two car parks on behalf of Three Spires Shopping Centre since they were first built, but the local authority said the company had now decided to take them in-house.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member responsible for economic development, said:

“We wanted to let our car park users know about the change in management of these two city centre car parks.

“From now on any enquiries about Backcester Lane and Gresley Row car parks should be directed to Three Spires Shopping Centre.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The car parks will have new contactless payment systems installed as part of the switchover to management by the Three Spires Shopping Centre.

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  1. Who cares. If they want customers to even consider coming back to the high street, now devoid of most shops then they need to offer free parking for the foreseeable future.

  2. Is this a loss to the “Car Park” cash cow for LDC? and when the “Multi Story” car park the Bus Station end is refurbished will they take that back as well, as it is tied in contractedly with Three Spires Shopping Centre

  3. Surely it should have been part of the handover that season tickets should be honoured, but then we are talking about LDC, who don’t seem able to do the right thing when it comes to such matters.

  4. Tesco won’t be free for 3 hours for much longer. ANPR working has just been agreed, so you need to spend at least £5 in Tesco to get free charges. Not sure when it will be implemented, but its imminent

  5. @Joe – afraid not, ANPR just been approved on tescos to stop that. Minimum £5 spend at tesco to qualify or you’ll get a nice £50 (estimating here based on places like ALDI) fine.

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