Upstairs by Tom Shepherd
Upstairs by Tom Shepherd

A new restaurant will open in Lichfield next month.

Chef Tom Shepherd, who has previously headed up a number of leading restaurants across the country, will open Upstairs by Tom Shepherd on 8th October.

It will serve modern British dishes based around seasonal ingredients with subtle influences from Japan and East Asia.

A tasting menu is £62 for five courses and £77 for seven.

The restaurant will be located on Bore Street and also feature a three-course lunch menu from Thursday to Saturday featuring dishes such as Israeli couscous and leek and Creedy Carver chicken with sweetcorn.

A spokesperson said:

“An acclaimed and decorated chef, Tom has experience heading up kitchens at some of the best restaurants in the UK, most recently at Adam’s restaurant in Birmingham where he successfully retained the restaurant’s Michelin star and three AA rosettes during his time as head chef.

“His previous experience includes time spent as a development chef at the two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Sat Bains, as well as two-Michelin-starred The Latymer, under Michael Wigmore, and The Samling.

“After departing Adam’s in 2019, Tom ran the successful Dine at Home with Tom Shepherd as he negotiated the Covid-19 pandemic with a highly-thought-of meal kit service which featured a weekly changing, seasonal three-course menu delivered direct to diners’ doors.”

Upstairs by Tom Shepherd spokesperson

For more details about reservations, visit the restaurant website.

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  1. Just Booked at Upstairs by Tom Shepherd, great to see the culinary standards being raised in Lichfield, hopefully will encourage other venues to make more effort.

  2. Won’t be booking in for this any time soon I’m afraid. Not a big fan of haute cuisine, much of which is overpriced and overrated. £62 for a ‘taster’ menu? I spent a lot of time in hotels as part of a previous job, and each of five courses only consisted of a couple of mouthfuls. When the food eventually arrived, I didn’t know whether to eat it or frame it.

  3. I won’t be booking this place 62 77 pounds who wants 7 courses anyway what price are the drinks this place is not for the working class come on get your act together

  4. Why do you assume that those of us who don’t want to pay extortionate prices at fancy restaurants eat at McDonald’s, Steve? Well I don’t. What I do eat is good food, well cooked, at reasonable prices. If you are happy to pay through the nose for artistic concoctions, good luck to you.

  5. I am gobsmacked as to why people feel the need to post negative comments – anyone setting up a new venture in Lichfield at the moment deserves some praise in my view and I hope it is a success.

    If you don’t like that kind of food and/or think it’s too expensive then it’s simple – don’t go! What people chose to spend their money on is entirely up to them – I will look forward to a visit at some point and if that makes me a snob then so be it.

  6. Saucy HP, you always get the miserable, boring brigade looking to put a dampener on everything. Hence my tongue-in-cheek comment about McDonald’s. Lichfield is crying out for a restaurant like this. We need a variety and I think it’s exciting that a restaurant like this is coming to Lichfield. If nothing else it will raise the culinary reputation in our city.

  7. My maxim for eating out is simply ‘you rarely pay too much for good food, you always pay too much for bad food’. I wish the new venture every success.

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