It’s not just the people who make a city tick, it’s the things as well. A recent Twitter discussion about famous Lichfeldians came up with more than a few names, but what about famous things?

Well I’ll put the first suggestion forward and it’ll be a familiar one to anyone who has ventured around Stowe Pool.

And no, I’m not talking about the over-filled dog poo bins.

Maureen the turkey-duck from Stowe Pool (pic: sammy_boy)

Instead, I’m on about the Lichfield turkey-duck. Why do I call it a turkey-duck? Well, because it’s a duck that looks like a turkey.

It’s such an ugly looking thing but everyone I’ve spoken to about it instantly knows what you’re on about. It seems to just sit on the edge of the Pool waiting to attack small dogs!

And anyone who doubts the internet and its power to inform as well as entertain should realise that Twitter and Youtube have given me a picture, video, breed (it’s actually a Muscovy) and even a name for the turkey-duck.

Maureen, we salute you.

Got any other bits of Lichfield folklore we should know about and share with our readers? Let us know via the comments panel.

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10 replies on “Lichfield’s most famous (feathered) son (daughter actually)?”

  1. Ah good old turkey-duck, I’ve seen many small kids scared witless by that thing. There was ‘son of turkey-duck’ a few years ago, but not sure if that one is still around.

    As for other Lichfield oddities, how about the Acorn regulars? There’s that guy who looks like Sean Connery (in his later years), the old russian fellow who’s suffering from alzheimers, and Derek ‘The Pimp’

  2. The Acorns regulars are a good shout. Mind you there’s also that bloke in there (and other pubs) who carries a holdall and has the worst syrup I’ve ever seen.

  3. Mentioning the Acorn reminded me of something that always raises a smile on my face – the Alsatian dog who sits in the mobility scooter listening to the radio outside various Tamworth Street pubs.

    What a life.

  4. That dog’s name is Buster. He belongs to one of the regulars who frequents the Buck and Acorn. Can’t remember the owner’s name, but he’s the one who wears the hat (not Derek the pimp)

  5. Ever since moving to Lichfield about 15 years ago I’ve wondered about the identity of Lisa Moore – Anyone who’s walked through the alleyway between Woolies and Market Street will have seen the legend graffitied on the wall!

  6. I was going to do something about that graffiti, but as it already has its own Facebook group (or at least did have) I thought it best if I didn’t!

  7. Hi Hayley,

    Thanks for the great turkey-duck video. You’ve captured a true Lichfield legend on film. It’s like our very own Yeti!

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