A little bit of fun for you all here as we play spot the Lichfield APCOA traffic warden.

We’ve heard a lot about what these wardens are and aren’t going to do, but there have only been a handful of sightings of them on the streets – and those we have been told about have been in quite a small area, leading us to launch our APCOA Parking Warden Watch which you can scroll around by clicking on the map and dragging:

View Lichfield’s traffic wardens in a larger map

As you can see we’ve already got plenty of sightings of these rare beasts in the wild and now we want to see if we can fill our map with them.

So if you’ve seen one, let us know about it and we’ll keep you updated with the latest whereabouts of the APCOA wardens.

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15 replies on “Spot the Lichfield traffic warden”

  1. Please do – I think we could have real fun with this (and prove that they don’t venture very far!)

  2. I saw two ambling up Beacon Street around 1pm the other day (not sure which, I’m sorry).
    They were just up from Erasmus Darwin’s place heading out of the centre.
    Neither had a purposeful stride, but who am I to judge the walking styles of others?

  3. Aw, Nick you’ve let me down with that info. Keep it under your hat as I don’t want to remove them.

  4. Still quite interesting though.. I mean, why would they let them get away with it for so long, and then 2 days after my photos were taken, the police themselves are pinged into action?
    I have a feeling someone in the know read the blog and had a word with someone.. but I could be wrong.

  5. You may well be right, although the illegal parking is back in that very same spot (at least it was the other day!)

  6. I saw some, well a lot, probably an entire battalion, marching up Beacon Street a couple of evenings ago. Opposite Cathedral Close. They looked tired and in need of refreshment.

  7. lol this is great, I’m a shop keeper on market street and we play spot the ticket – the wardens are never in the right place a the right time – they have even run away from the market traders after they tried to issue a warning to one for – loading his stall away!!
    I say give the ticket machines to the shop keepers and you’d quadruple the money taken in a day!!

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