Some of the participants get ready for the world'a shortest fun run record attempt

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Hundreds have people have helped Burntwood break a world record. Prince’s Park hosted the world’s shortest fun run attempt – and saw more than 400 competitors tackle the 55-stride course.
Some of the fun runners get ready to join the world record attempt
The quickest time posted around the UK’s smallest park was seven seconds, with some runners taking it slightly slower and clocking a 56 second time. The event helped raise money for the We Love Lichfield Fund and made headlines across the globe thanks to a row over the title of the world’s smallest park. Kevin Wilson, from organisers KP Events, said: “This idea came out a notion that where could we stage a fun run that everyone, irrespective of age, ability or standard, could take part in and the idea to run it round the UK’s smallest park was born. “We have engaged with our new friends in Portland, Oregon – home the world’s smallest park – and the transatlantic banter has been hugely entertaining. “We now have the job of convincing Guinness World Records that we have set a new record and 400 people, from three months to 93-years-old have had fun setting it.” Click below to see more of Philip John’s pictures from the world’s smallest fun run:


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