Chris Addison

Comedian Chris Addison has been forced to pull out of his gig in Lichfield.

Chris Addison
The funnyman said he had been left stranded by flight cancellations in America.

It means his show at the Garrick tonight (July 12) as part of the Lichfield Festival will not go ahead.

“I’m really, really sorry to do this but I’ve been stranded in the US,” he said. “I can’t make it back in time for the gig.

“I’m gutted – I’d been really looking forward to this show.

“I can only apologise for this. It really is beyond my control.”

People who had tickets can receive a refund by calling 01543 412121.

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8 replies on “Comic Chris Addison forced to cancel Lichfield Festival appearance”

  1. Asellus aquaticus “Oh give it a rest.”

    In those few words you show exactly what’s wrong – we should constantly be looking at our out goings and see how we can save. Our forefathers had a saying – look after the pennies etc. Todays society leans too much towards being wasteful/throwaway .

  2. Oh well if you feel that way Cynic, just shut the Garrick, eh? Be easier than moaning about individual acts then!

  3. Northern Lass – We have to save circa £1.7M – we make a prioritised list – the Garrick (£1.3M) would not be top of my list – I would have stopped the subsidies a couple of decades ago and saved many millions of pounds. If we had looked closely at all outgoings in that time we would have a theatre which did not need subsidy. Have you not noticed recent comments which in effect say – now you are looking closely at us we will soon pay our way?

    Here is a novel idea – all you people that want the Garrick so bad – pay the subsidy between you.

  4. Your outgoings Mr Cynic? Our outgoings? Did we all have a ticket? The Lichfield Festival is not part of The Garrick, or Lichfield District Council. LDC fund a tiny amount in return for the publicity and trade it brings.
    The contract will have been insured, and the loss will have been covered. They know what they are doing. They do. Really, Mr Cynic.

  5. Yes. We get it Cynic. It’s not the argument I’ve got a problem with, everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

    It’s the endless repetition of the argument that is so tiresome.

    We get it. Okay?

  6. Really, what is your point regarding Addison’s cancellation? It has little to no bearing on your gripe other than the venue and even then it was a tenuous link for a rant about these cuts I hear about endlessly. I’ve lived in two counties in two countries who needed to make drastic cuts. I’m sick of the utter procrastination between politicians and the public.

    Are you doing anything other than commenting a lot about it on here?

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