Andy Bennetts and Michael Fabricant

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A 10% fall in voter turnout across Lichfield and Burntwood during the election shows Class War’s campaign was a success, claims Andy Bennetts. The 40-year-old, who finished last with 120 votes, revealed that community action might soon be taking place across the area.
Andy Bennetts and Michael Fabricant
Conservative Michael Fabricant was re-elected to parliament with 55.4 per cent of the vote. The Tories will now form their first majority government since 1992. But Mr Bennetts claims most of the electorate did not want to see a Conservative government again. He said: “I’ve made some interesting contacts during this campaign and in the coming weeks people might see some activities taking place across the constituency, but that is all I can say at the moment. “Class War’s message in Lichfield was a success, because what I said would happen did happen. Michael Fabricant was returned to the House of Commons with an increased majority of 500. “But turnout across Lichfield and Burntwood was down by 10%, which is below the national trend. Back in 2010 voter turnout in Lichfield and Burntwood was above the national trend, so I think quite a few people now understand that voting is a complete waste of time. “The Tories only won 24 per cent of the electorate, 76% of people didn’t want to see a Conservative government again. “Michael’s party may have a majority of only 12 in the House of Commons, but they don’t have a majority out on the streets.” The member of a workers co-op also extended his sympathies to Green Party parliamentary candidate Robert Pass, who did not get enough votes to retain his deposit. Mr Pass, the first Green Party candidate to stand in Lichfield since 1990, finished fifth with 1,976 votes. Mr Bennetts said: “I’m disappointed that Rob didn’t retain his deposit as he was the most articulate and intelligent candidate during this whole pantomime campaign.”

Lewis Deakin

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