Michael Fabricant and Robert Pass

The Green Party’s 2017 General Election candidate has been accused of lacking charm after he claimed a stuffed chicken could get elected in Lichfield if it wore a blue rosette.

Robert Pass made the comments after finishing fourth in the polls as Michael Fabricant extended his majority to retain a seat he has held since it was created in 1997.

But the Conservative MP said his Green Party rival had failed to learn lessons from his performance at the last two General Elections.

Michael Fabricant and Robert Pass
Michael Fabricant and Robert Pass

“Robert Pass’s bitter comment ‘Tories could get a stuffed chicken elected in Lichfield if it had a blue rosette on’ demonstrates yet again the problem that dogged his campaign in Lichfield – one of lack of charm and of naivety,” Mr Fabricant said.

“He seems to have learned nothing by coming a poor fourth on election night last week.

“He may not recall, but others do, that the Lichfield constituency used to be highly marginal. In 1997, the Conservative majority was only 238. It was one of the most marginal in the country.

“It was through the hard work of my team and my accessibility and visibility as an MP, that the Conservative majority consistently bucked the national trend and has risen at each of the five General Elections since.”

Michael Fabricant makes his victory speech
Michael Fabricant makes his victory speech

The result last week saw the Greens finish adrift of the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Lichfield and Burntwood.

Mr Fabricant added: “Mr Pass needs to learn lessons from Chris Worsey, the Labour candidate, and Paul Ray, the Liberal Democrat, who – while not sharing all of my political beliefs – campaigned positively, with dignity and without spite.

“I wish them both well for the future.”


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6 replies on “Lichfield MP accuses Green Party rival of lacking charm after stuffed chicken comments”

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  1. A massive retaliatory bite, hook line and sinker! nothing more gratifying than the spectacle of a sore winner.
    Understandably upset that he will have to do more with less under the supreme leader.

  2. What Mr Fabricant fails to explain is that, over the years, boundary changes have made the constituency safer and safer for the Tories. It is certainly not down to his “accessibility and visibility” as most Burntwood residents would confirm. Besides, some of his comments, including about me personally, don’t just lack charm but are downright rude. While I think that perhaps the Greens could have termed their comments less bluntly, the fact remains that any Conservative candidate would have won here – and while I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporter, I know many Conservative MPs and potential candidates who would be doing a far better job on our behalf.

  3. Anything blue will get elected. A bag of Walkers cheese and onion crisps, could stand and would get a massive majority.


    Back in April, I said a pack of cheese and onion crisps would be elected in Lichfield.

    I wonder if the chicken or the crisps, would serve us better?

  4. Clown-like MP who courts the fawning praise of pretty much anyone on Twitter, then resorts to childish and boorish insults against anyone who challenges him accuses someone else of lacking charm.

    Not in the leats bit surprised.
    Its what we’ve come to expect from him.

  5. I normally vote Conservative but I have lost faith in Theresa May and all politics at this moment in time. I honestly don’t think anyone cares who our MP is for Lichfield. As for Michael Fabricant and that wig…….anyone who brings attention to themselves through their appearance needs to consider a career on stage.

  6. Michael is mischief-making again here. His comments about people online leave a lot to be desired. Didn’t he once liken Robert Pass to a turnip at the bottom of his garden?
    I urge all Lichfield constituency residents to follow Michael Fabricant on Twitter, not to inflate his ego but to see the true picture of the childish nature that this man regularly portrays with puerile tweets.

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