A taxi driver has been told he cannot operate in Lichfield after a court upheld a decision not to renew his licence.

Lichfield District Council won the case against Mohammed Chowdhury at Stoke Crown Court after the local authority had opted not to renew his taxi driver’s licence following complaints about him and carrying out a series of mystery shopper tests.

The council said the Birmingham-based driver had overcharged, failed to give receipts and been abusive to a passenger.

Chowdhury had appealed a previous court ruling, but an appeal at Stoke Crown Court found in the council’s favour.

Cllr Ashley Yeates, Cabinet member for regulatory services, housing and wellbeing, said: “It’s so important that we have the authority to monitor any taxi drivers that operate within the district, to make sure they are offering a good service and are safe.

“This is why we’re really pleased with the Crown Court’s ruling to uphold our decision to reject Mr Chowdhury’s licence renewal application.

“We do not want any taxi drivers with poor customer service to work locally.”

The court ordered Chowdhury to pay the council’s costs of £6,000 which, when added to the £5,000 costs from the original Magistrates’ Court case, makes a total of £11,000 in costs.

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