Michael Fabricant and Jamie Checkland

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A councillor who resigned as a school governor has acted with “dignity and honour”, Lichfield’s MP has said.

Michael Fabricant and Jamie Checkland

Cllr Jamie Checkland stepped down from the governing body of The Friary School yesterday (19th July) as the future of Lichfield’s last leisure centre continues to hang in the balance.

The Conservative member for Leomansley ward had previously apologised after breaching Lichfield District Council’s code of conduct when he failed to leave a meeting where Friary Grange Leisure Centre was being discussed.

It comes after he told a public meeting that the school “wanted its facilities back”.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said Cllr Checkland had acted correctly in order to resolve the issue.

He said: “Cllr Jamie Checkland has behaved with dignity and honour by resigning as chair of The Friary School [governors] to avoid a conflict of interest over the future of Friary Grange swimming pool.”

Cllr Checkland said of his decision to resign as a governor: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school.

“This step has been made to enable the school to continue to focus on the well-being and learning of the students.”


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14 replies on “Lichfield MP says councillor who resigned as school governor over Friary Grange Leisure Centre row acted with “dignity and honour””

  1. He resigned because he clearly failed to manage his conflict of interest responsibly. That’s not honourable, and the way he’s had to put his tail between his legs after it had to be pointed out to him was certainly not dignified. We deserve a much better calibre of both councillor and school governor.

  2. Well Fabricant would say that, wouldn’t he. It’s a fellow Conservative. He definitely wouldn’t be as supportive of a councillor from another political party in a similar situation. Mind you, they would probably be much more up front about any conflicts of interest. The perform of a handful of these councillors over the past few years as been shocking.
    Partisan and parochial to the last, Fabricant rarely acts with honour.

  3. So now he’s only a councillor he should properly represent the demands of Lichfield public to have accessible public leisure facilities IN THE CITY. The pool and the leisure facilities will be a real loss to the community

  4. Total breach of LDC’s Code of Conduct in the first place. Nothing honourable about that Michael Fabricant. Something is not right, why can’t councillors see a conflict of interest when it’s really obvious. Happy to deliver some training.

  5. He resigned because he was caught out! He publicly hung himself at the Friary Grange Public meeting. Combined with the ridiculous carpark plans for the Friarsgate site and the multiple undeclared conflicts of interest- is it time for a vote of no confidence in LDC and the planning committee? Time for an external scrutiny committee and investigation? #holdLDCcouncillorsaccountable

  6. It’s a lot less honourable when you look at the Audit and Members Standards Committee and see that Cllr Checkland is listed there too and they are there to …

    “To advise the Council on the adoption or revision of the Members’ Code of Conduct and monitor it.

    Other functions relating to standards of conduct of members under any relevant provision of, or regulations made under, the Local Government Act 2000”

    (Quoted from LDCs website)

    So, they clearly all need retraining (or any training!)

  7. I would totally support a vote of no confidence in LDC, and I know a lot of people who feel exactly the same – especially recently. I feel ashamed having voted Con in the last election. How do we invoke a vote of no confidence?? It’s getting well beyond a joke now….

  8. Oh he was speedy commenting about the leisure centre – his first response was … Burntwoocd has a lovely leisure centre, use that! … he changed his tune when the petition got moving and the strength of feeling was obvious

  9. He is a disgrace! Huge numbers of people have written to Mr Fabricant about the closure of Friary Grange Leisure Centre and he continues to send out bog standard letters which are signed for on his behalf – he is totally unaware of public feeling. I would urge all of you to visit change.org and signed the Save The Friary Grange Leisure Centre petition. If we can get 10,000 signatures it has to go to Parliament. Let’s show these greedy, lazy Councillors we will not be walked over.

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