Lichfield District Council is set to hold behind closed doors discussions about the “disposal” of land on St John Street.

The proposal will be debated at a meeting of the cabinet next week.

Lichfield District Council House

But the section of the session where the “disposal of land fronting St John Street” is discussed will be held in a section without media or the public present.

The agenda for the meeting said the decision had been made in line with the Local Government Act.

“This report is to be considered in private since it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information relating to the financial and business affairs of the council.”

Cabinet meeting agenda

The cabinet meeting takes place on 10th November.


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12 replies on “Councillors to hold behind closed doors discussion on planned “disposal” of land in Lichfield”

  1. Surely the council’s finances are of the public interest seeing as the residents fund the council, allowing them to blow millions on failed projects.

  2. We certainly dont need more retirement developments, nor houses, nor restaurants, we could do with a KFC definitely, and a Wacky warehouse for young children, Snooker and Pool for teenagers, they need somewhere they can have to go, as there is hardly nothing in Lichfield for the younger generation. And as regards new Leisure center planned at Curdborough road, this should definitely have a modern pool slide system like what Coventry have done, The Wave, i was surprised to see so many people there last week from Lichfield. Its about time this very old fashioned council started listening to the people of Lichfield who actually elect and pay there substantiation wages!

  3. Oh ffs……

    Does this council know no bounds?

    Having eroded public trust to a massive degree after Friarsgate, various conflicts of interest, absurd remarks by its councillors (no babes in arms on Zoom meetings; Local media should be disbanded etc.,) it now seems to do its dealings in secrecy.

    How can this be allowed to happen????? What about transparency and public trust?

  4. Library to be turned into homes/flats (hopefully not another oap-only block), this land is probs holding up development/planning/ etc, and the council will dispose or sell the land for this to go ahead.

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