Lichfield and Burntwood will be moved into Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions.

The Government has confirmed that Staffordshire will face even tougher measures from midnight tonight (30th December).

The move means:

  • You must not leave your home unless you have a  “reasonable excuse” such as work, education, essential shopping or medical appointments.
  • In general, you must not meet socially. However, you can exercise or meet in a public outdoor place with people you live with, your support bubble or with one other person.
  • You must not meet indoors socially with any other household, unless part of your support bubble.
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable people are advised not to work if they cannot work from home.
  • All shops deemed non-essential by the Government must close, including hairdressers and barbers, indoor entertainment venues, gyms, dance studios and indoor swimming pools.

Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council said the move would come as a “devastating blow to businesses”.

“The new highly contagious strain of COVID-19 is now sweeping the country and in Staffordshire we are now set to face the toughest restrictions.

“Today’s news will be devastating for many businesses who after the toughest year possible will now have to close once more.

“This is not where any of us wanted to be and the priority for 2021 is to get cases back under control and persuade the Government that restrictions can be eased in Staffordshire.

“While this morning’s announcement on the approval of the new AstraZeneca vaccine is very welcome, it will be some months before we see the benefits and we must stay vigilant to protect lives this winter.

“It remains a big ask but we must do everything we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.

“By following the basics, staying home as much as possible and taking part in our major roll out of community testing if asked to do so is the best and only chance of Staffordshire moving out of Tier 4.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

Other areas of the Midlands – including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley, Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire – will also be moving into Tier 4.

The average seven-day Covid rate in Staffordshire and the West Midlands is around 270 per 100,000 people, compared to the England rate of 390.

14 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood to face Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions”

  1. What was the point in rushing the vaccines through, we have two different vaccines ready for distribution.
    Instead of the restrictions getting lighter they grow.
    Speed up the jabs, get us back to work, open all the small shops.

  2. Completely agree with Philip Hawkley – what a ridiculous performance for everyone. More restrictions which don’t work!!! Need to get the vaccine rolled out quickly and people to get back to normal

  3. Whilst this is terrible news, and I don’t fully understand the rationale for it given the infection rate, it has to be said that far too many people didn’t comply with restrictions, either in the lockdowns or tiers, and thus kept the spread of the virus going, so you can thank them for the position we are now in. It must bring tears to the eyes of the majority of people who have acted responsibly, and let us hope that everyone is sensible this time and we can get vaccinated soon.

  4. What a load of rubbish supose we should all stay at home with Bill Gates covid gun vaccine aimed at are head grounded with no pocket money until you get your snake bite. I suppose we should all stay at home and eat cake while we are running out of money and food bills are making things worse and we don’t even get a pay out like the Americans we need to push for this maybe bill Gates can add to the pot although he prefers to spend his money on depopulation sterilisation though vaccinations eugenics etc these elites are exactly like the elite’s of 17th France a total disconnect with reality of the situation like Marianne Antoinette said while people were dying of starvation with no bread running food if the have no bread let them eat cake. This is the way the rich elite’s think they are the enemy of humanity . Wait until the food starts running out because it will we can not sustain lock down after lock down without a knock on effect to world food supplys what then lock downs won’t matter it will be a fight for survival.

  5. I think that the goverment and store managers should be looking at there stores as I now from my experience that there is still two many people been alowed to mix in stores yesterday people where treading over one another to get to products which made me feel very vulnerable also two many people are not wearing masks and they dont have matches on to say they are exempt I think this is where the problem is

  6. Janet there are too many people wearing masks with air valves,they help spread the virus,then people with a visit and no mask.

  7. Well, Malthus Rex, if you believe in Malthusian theory you know full well that population growth is stunted by ecology and not vaccine.
    Have you been listening to too much Piers Corbyn?
    And surely you mean let them eat fish, much more apt for the new brexit world we’re facing. Though the govt is certainly guilty of cakeism.

  8. Malthus Rex – I have a friend who works for Bill Gates, on this project.

    He has gathered some amazing information.

    Ethel got some custards from Greggs.
    Arthur has a nap and wakes up to watch countdown.

    As Winston Churchill said “don’t believe all you read on Facebook”

  9. I think it is very hard for everyone in these circumstances at the moment everyone plays a part in staying safe and it is always publicised about everywhere working hard through out this pandemic but never how hard and supportive dental practices have been seeing people in need of problems so I want to say well done to all staff at dam Street practice for getting through with such hard work and commitment providing such good quality care and empathy towards people and always think of others not themselves so well done all staff at least we can hold our heads high on our hard work throughout these hard times it s annoying though that we are not recognised for our hard work like other places are

  10. If there was ever an example of a post constructed at 2:40 am, presumably by someone not working and taking a break at that time, I’ve just seen it.

  11. Malthus Rex – very stream of consciousness stuff and difficult to interpret what you are actually saying. If you speak like you write, please take a breath. There were some food and other shortages in the first lockdown because some people stockpiled items, not because there were genuine shortages. Is it really a load of rubbish that we try to save lives and avoid illness? There are many people still suffering from COVID months after they had it, so please try and think of other people’s safety.

  12. In amongst all the death and misery during the pandemic, there have been many positive things. Many people have been doing wonderful things and we got a glimpse of how much better society could be. During the first lockdown, roads were almost empty of the dreaded motor car, pollution levels dropped dramatically, people found healthier ways of getting around through walking and cycling, health care workers stepped up to look after people affected, food retailers and transport workers stepped up to the mark to feed the nation, we realised what work and facilities were really important, people were pleased to see others, people and volunteer groups helped those unable to get out. Can we try not to forget these lessons?

  13. The problem is that people perceive a seven day Covid rate of 270/last 7 days to be lower/safer than London and the South East. The reality is that parts of Lichfield actually have numbers around 610, which is significantly higher. Perhaps if Staffordshire County Council were more transparent about this variance instead of pooling the numbers, people would understand the true seriousness of the matter.

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