Councillors are set to decide whether to continue with plans to sell off land in Lichfield for housing.

The land at Netherstowe

Sites at Netherstowe and Leyfields have been earmarked for development by Bromford.

A petition has been signed by local residents in a bid to prevent Lichfield District Council going ahead with a plan to “dispose” of the land.

A report by Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of the council, to a meeting of the cabinet tonight (12th January) says that while a conditional contract has been agreed with Bromford, a u-turn could still be carried out on the agreement.

“This issue is brought to cabinet as a matter for urgent consideration in order to ensure that the decision on sale of the land in question is determined prior to any consideration of the planning application submitted on the sites.

“At a cabinet meeting of 4th September 2018, approval was granted, subject to securing planning consent, to the disposal of the two pieces of land at, Leyfields, and Netherstowe, Lichfield, to Bromford Housing Association, for the provision of affordable housing.

“Bromford has subsequently submitted planning applications for the provision of 16 affordable homes at Leyfields, and eight affordable apartments at Netherstowe. Both planning applications are currently under consideration.

“Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972, before disposing of public open space, a local authority must give notice of its intention by advertising in a newspaper circulating in the area in which the land is situated, for two consecutive weeks, and consider any objections to the proposed disposal which may be made.

“Ideally, this process should have been done before the contract was entered into with Bromford, but once it was identified that this process has not been carried out it was immediately addressed under instruction of the leader of the council.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Coucnil

Subsequent publicity of the proposals has seen 66 formal responses, with the petition on the Netherstowe planning application also reaching 1,067 signatures.

Cllr Pullen’s report said that councillors would need to decide whether to either “confirm the disposal of the two pieces of land” or recommend the sale should not go ahead.

The cabinet meeting will take place at 6pm tonight, with the meeting available to view via the council’s Youtube channel.

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  1. LDC strike again, they won’t be happy until Lichfield resembles most other towns of high density housing and retail units….Lichfield is charming, peaceful and green still, let’s stay this way….

    Come on LDC show some balls for a change and say no to these greedy developers

  2. Chris H – while I agree with the broad terms of your comment and the looming shadow of high density housing blighting the city and surrounding area, in this case it has little to do with greedy developers.

    This is all about the sheer, naked incompetence and unaccountability of both elected and unelected people within Lichfield District Council. The fact the deputy leader of the council actively supports what is happening, while in this article the leader of the council takes a completely opposing view says everything you need to know.

    Drawing parallels with the national picture, the elitist, uncaring, unrealistic, unaccountable Conservatives are happy to plough on regardless without a care for what the voters think or believe. Meanwhile a small minority of Conservatives are at least attempting to do the right thing, or signalling that they are, but are largely lost in the wave of relentless crap of the majority or worse are largely staying silent and claiming there is nothing they can do.

    The last 12 months have shown attempts by LDC and a number of Conservatives to change. But the old guard, represented by the deputy leader and it seems propped up by senior officers within LDC, keep dragging us all backwards for their own self-interests and arrogant posturing.

    We all deserve better, especially Conservative voters who seem particularly quiet at present.

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