Council chiefs have been given the all-clear after they joined those being asked to take coronavirus tests even if they do not have symptoms.

People living in Lichfield and Burntwood who have to leave home for shopping, work or caring purposes are being asked to take rapid lateral flow tests in a bid to tackle so-called “silent spreaders”.

Among those who took a rapid test today (12th January) were Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, and the local authority’s chief executive Diane Tilley.

Cllr Doug Pullen taking his lateral flow test in Lichfield

Cllr Pullen said:

“It was quick and well organised and I received my results in 20 minutes. Thankfully it was negative, which I’m really pleased about as it means I can have confidence I don’t pose a risk to others.

“I encourage anyone who is out and about locally – be that for work, caring responsibilities, education or shopping – to book a rapid test to help us get on top of the virus by finding people who may be carriers but who are not showing symptoms.” 

Cllr Doug Pullen

Diane Tilley added:

“Around one in three people with COVID-19 do not have any symptoms, which is why it’s really important to ramp up testing of asymptomatic people to combat the virus. 

“The tests are easy, quick and free and might just help to protect the life of a colleague or family member.

“I hope many more local people, especially those who cannot work from home, follow suit and book a test.”

Diane Tilley

Community testing is available at Lichfield City FC on Eastern Avenue from 10am to 4pm until Sunday (17th January). There will also be more dates available at local test centres over the coming weeks.

Tests for people without symptoms need to be booked in advance online.

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  1. What is the point in these tests?

    All a negative result means is that you haven’t got the virus at that moment in time. Tomorrow could be a different story.

    The cost of this must far out way the benefit. Rather see the money being spent on helping in other more useful ways.

  2. Whether you agree with the tests at least the councillors are showing willing to be supporting testing in stark contrast to our absent local MP who just seems to pour our pointless tweets, propaganda from Tory HQ and become star struck at PMQs. He has done nothing for Lichfield during the pandemic apart from appearing to be completely out of touch with his constituents and an embarrassment to the town. Whether you voted Conservative or not at least we have leadership from the Council Leader and a greater understanding of what is important such as supporting and recognition of Black Lives Matter rather than the belittling response from Mr Fabricant.

  3. Question. A person working in a large warehouse, possibly a large clothing company. Take a Covid test and are found to have Covid-19.

    They inform their employer, they cannot attend work for 14 days.

    Are they:
    Given an award for doing good?
    Sacked, if they do not attend work?

  4. SB, I have had the same thoughts myself, and what happens if you do prove positive, even though you have no symptoms’ or feel ill, and do you have to isolate for 14 days and are you obliged to have another test, to ensure you are clear, I am quite puzzled, can anyone enlighten me, and I am no way playing down the situation

  5. Has he just been sampling the contents of the “£30 food parcels” meant to feed vulnerable children, but it all got stuck in his tooth so he’s just trying to prize it out?

    Asking for thousands of starving kids around the country.

  6. @ Revs33 – don’t get me started on our local MP.

    If any good at all can come out of this awful time then I hope for all of Lichfield & Burntwood’s sake that this is the end for our totally out of touch, out of date and waste of space of an MP.

  7. Prevention costs less than treating people. This is a form of prevention.

    It’s not about testing negative, its for helping to find people that test positive with no symptoms who are unknowingly passing it onto others, and who actually might end up with serious issues as a result.

  8. My daughter took the test on sunday and is still waiting for her result, it is now Wednesday. Total joke. She later had a proper test and is negative. Could have been a total different story. Expect she wasnt the only person who never got a result from a half hour results call back.

  9. @Woody
    If you test positive, you need to self isolate for 10 days. You can come out of that isolation at the end of that period as long as you don’t still have a high temperature (and haven’t done for 2 days). You should no longer be infectious at that point. You shouldn’t go for a test to show you are clear – that is likely to give a false positive result.

  10. Can anyone help me by explaining just how this virus operates? The spectrum of symptoms seems to go from nothing to death and attacks different age groups disproportionately i .e. the young and the old.
    Do all viruses do this. Is it somthing to do with your particular D N A, or the robustness of your immune system? Can you still pass on the flu even when you have had a flu vaccine?
    There is so much I would like to understand about this virus in order to know how best to defend my family from it. All appropriate knowledge would be most welcome.

  11. I applaud Cllr Pullen for taking a public stance on the importance of testing. But in my view it will do nothing to tackle the issue of “silent” spreaders.
    As a recent convert to social media I have been staggered and appalled by the obvious and blatant examples of people not following even the most basic guidelines. People willingly telling the world how they have travelled from Staffordshire into neighbouring counties for walks when there are plenty of wonderful walking routes in and around Lichfield. These are accessible by foot, not requiring a lengthy drive into another county. If challenged they all seem to say the same thing – they saw very few people so it doesn’t matter. What amazes me most is these are middle-aged, educated professionals who really should know better.
    Then there are the younger generation in the “20-40 age group” who still believe it is acceptable to mix socially and in more intimate circumstances even if they belong to different households. This also includes people of certain stature who really should know the rules about sharing their house with others on an ad hoc basis or changing partners willy-nilly during a pandemic.
    My own experiences of the older age group shows an alarming number who simply do not follow the news at all these days as they are so fed up with the lack of quality and what they see as misinformation. So they are unaware of what type of lockdown we are actually in at present. I have neighbours who have gone shopping only to find the shops closed and not understanding why or when this happened.
    The guidelines are not being followed and despite Cllr Pullen’s attempts, too many of our public figures and elected representatives of all ages and persuasions are not doing enough to set the right example.

  12. @Barry Scott…. Sadly, while you are correct in you assertion that few of the older generation follow the news, this is massively eclipsed by the younger generation who have no interest whatsoever.
    Even where there is local interest of democracy, facilities and infrastructure few citizens are really concerned. I have tried to raise health topics but it has largely fallen on deaf ears. The likes of our MP and the council’s have quickly recognised that the electorate have no potency and can be ignored.
    This site offers quickly accessible local news. Some of it radical and important. The response seems restricted to the vocal few. A psychologist might have some ideas why this is so, personally I don’t understand why so many are indifferent and, more importantly, just not interested or concerned at all.

  13. Philip – I agree that there is a collective failure encompassing all “age groups”.

    What staggers me is that we have younger elected representatives in Lichfield and the surrounding area who are very well placed to make sure that the correct messages are getting across. But judging by their social media output they are more concerned with sharing personal information about their lives which hardly set the right tone, make juvenile and puerile comments on issues, seem more bothered about making a name for themselves by chumming up with more senior elected people and fail to set a good example at all.

    Not all are like this, I accept that. But those who seem hell-bent on creating a superficial name for themselves are hardly setting the right tone for their peer age group.

    As a Conservative supporter it annoys me that they appear to take their lead from an MP who seem out of touch with reality, I say this with a heavy heart as he did secure my vote again last time, rather than a council leader who at least tries to act and speak responsibly.

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