An office space in Lichfield city centre could be converted into a new restaurant and takeaway.

The proposed site of the new restaurant and takeaway in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

Pepe’s Piri Piri could open on the site of the offices at 2 Bore Street if plans are approved.

The ground floor of the building is being repurposed, with Jayman Estate Agents moving to the top two redeveloped offices.

Pepe’s Piri Piri currently operates outlets across the UK, from Aberdeen to London.

If approved, the scheme is expected to create up to 15 jobs.

A planning statement said the eatery would bring a vacant unit back into use,

“The proposed restaurant will provide a family-friendly dining experience, providing healthy grilled food, something which is limited in the area and would be very successful.

“The restaurant will help regenerate the current building and help inject money back into the community by providing jobs.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. We really need another food outlet it’s far more usefull than a health center, well done Lichfield Council for being so forward thinking

  2. I know I sound snobby but i would prefer this to be an independently owned restaurant or bistro that looks nice aesthetically from the approach into Lichfield and not another chain brand or a naff neon blasting bright tacky kebab shop again. Lichfield is loosing its soul and character.

  3. Here we go again, Lichfield saturated with Food Outlets… Think those on the Council lack imagination.

  4. This fits in well with the LDC Masterplan for the city:

    Cathedral Quarter
    Market Quarter
    Junk food and charity shop quarter
    Southern Gateway Quarter

  5. The council has killed the high street are you surprised I’m not cut business rate and do something useful . From Simon bird freeman of lichfield am now ashamed to say

  6. Wicked peri peri chicken.. ideal for younger generation as it’s grilled chicken.. nobody under 40 will complain once they eat it… Better than nandos
    There is a wicked takeaway in handsacre there food is great

  7. Has anyone actually tried Pepe’s Piri Piri Chicken? Well I have and it’s delicious and healthy grilled chicken and the sauces are amazing. I rate Pepe’s Piri Piri higher than Nando’s and even it’s even cheaper too!

  8. Has anyone actually tried Crave? Well I have and it’s delicious and healthy grilled chicken and the sauces are amazing. I rate Crave higher than Nando’s and even it’s even cheaper too!

  9. Has anyone actually tried Nando’s? Well I have and it’s delicious and healthy grilled chicken and the sauces are amazing. I rate Nando’s about the same as Nando’s and even it’s even much the same cost!

    (Nodge beat me to it)

  10. I can’t wait for Pepe’s Piri Piri to open! To the snobs: It’s easily a better addition to Lichfield’s high street than another hipster coffee shop or another over-priced bistro. There’s nothing junk or unhealthy about Pepe’s and snobbery is no excuse for stopping a successful business that will create 15 new jobs in Lichfield and provide affordable and delicious food. BTW there are people who aren’t “chavs and oiks” who love Pepe’s too. To the immature trolls on this thread: Grow up and give a persuasive argument if you want to be taken seriously and don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. The council should be congratulated for bringing Pepe’s to Lichfield.

  11. Surely Lichfield has enough food outlets Why not more useful premises. Why close places like Debenhams Argos etc. Really don’t need any more card shops ,hairdressers ,fast food or redevelopment. Such a lot of Lichfield character has already.

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